Weekend with my Mother

Oh my!

Time really flew so fast..now it's September...in Western countries, this is the start of the Autumn season and in the Philippines, the start of the Christmas season (though in the Catholic calendar it's not actually Christmas season yet).

With soothing Christmas songs started playing in the air, my mind transported back again to the most wonderful moment of my life in the province. This is my happiest season of the year!I always love Christmas because it reminds me of my  uncomplicated and joyful childhood, so many good memories and heart-warming thoughts.
My mama is camera shy hehehe
My Mama
Quiet lunch with mama at Rai rai Ken Abreeza

I'm just so happy despite terrible events that happened lately. I just try to ignore those ugly events and encounter with some ugly and ignorant people in the environment, I am looking forward for a wonderful holiday in the province.
Chicken Teriyaki
One of my favorite Japanese Foods, California Maki!

Last Friday, August 26, my mother came to Davao to be with me for just three days and it felt so great. A mother's love is always unconditional, having a mother in my side is one of the most important things in this world. She gave me a warm massage all over my body, we talked so many things in life. We went to Abreeza mall and spent lunch at Rai Rai Ken because I wanted her to taste some Japanese foods like California Maki and Chicken Teriyaki. We went jogging at People's Park on Sunday morning, August 28. We attended Mass at San Pedro Cathedral at 12:00 noon and spent lunch at Chowking then went to Pizza hut and ordered lots of foods hahaha!

My mother will turn 65 this October 16 but her strength, energy and humor did not diminish, she still moves as if she is 40 years old. Her skin did not yield any sign of ageing beyond 60 and she argued that establishments should set the retirement standard at 65 because a 60-year-old woman according to her is still physically and mentally strong, haha!We still laughed terribly just like when I was still in high school, talked things that sometimes did not matter in the world.

When we were at the Park, she jogged and did brisk walking then we went around and checked every plant we found there haha! My mother, just like my father, has a great fascination towards plant (well, maybe because we grew up with green plants in the province), then my mother compared every plant she saw in the province, we also checked the falls, the garden and the drainage around People's Park, so funny, then we both ended up laughing while resting at the nearby bench.

Such a terrific feeling having a mother on my side. She went home last Monday and when she left I began to cry. hehe..I just missed my mother so terribly. So this Christmas I will be going home.

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