Quiet Vacation

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the birthday of Mother Mary! I'll going to attend the mass at the Cathedral this 5:00 pm.

Last night I finally finished my report in financial management but still I cannot afford to enjoy the day and be relaxed because there are still more paperworks to do before the semester ends.

With all the pressure and tension in life, one of  my longings now is to hop in a quiet vacation either in a countryside or in a beach to unwind, relax and feel the sweetness and tranquil surroundings of the mother earth. There's nothing more rewarding in life than being in a quiet and relaxing place with nothing but trees, fresh air and soothing music of the waves and the birds. But since money is just so terribly rare (hehe), all I can do now is just list the places I want to visit in the future. 

Well, hopefully I can really travel even just around Asia first, then maybe Europe (I'm greatly fascinated with Tuscany and Cornwall) or Seychelles or in the West Indies, Mustique Island or French Polynesia perhaps, in the near future. But for now, maybe the best option is to go back home-- to the province-- and relish the beauty of the countryside and the tropical seaside and maybe sit in the sand and listen to the tweeting of the birds and watch the bellowing of the waves while waiting for the dramatic sunset to fade in the horizon. 

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