Google Plus!

Enjoying google plus right now!

Yesterday, Kathy told me to try google+ project, a social networking site created by google. At first I was hesitant because I'd already tried almost all social networking sites in the internet and I am beginning to worry about its implication to my privacy, I left it for a while and concentrated working on other stuff.

Then went on...

Before I know it, my curiosity nudged me to register and puff! sooo amazed with its exciting, refreshing features. Unlike other networking sites, google plus allows you to create "circles" and the wall post can be edited, cool! another thing is, we can control everything we posted, I mean, we can choose who among our friends can read and view our wall posts. Terrific!

One thing I love about google+ is that I can directly access my account in Adsense. It also allows me to organize reminders and appointments through its customized calendar. Google+ is bold and fun and a bit classy!

Visit google plus HERE

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