Happy Christening Daniela!

I love this name, Daniela, because it reminds me of one Latin teleserye way back in 2005 I devotedly followed, Daniela, starring the very pretty Colombian actress, Litzy.

And yesterday, I became one of the godmothers of Daniela!^_____^
Welcome to the Christian world, Daniela!

She is the second child and first daughter of Helen’s sister, Emma Monte, and I found her super cute and behave! I rarely noticed behave and quiet kids nowadays but Daniela, at one month and nine days, was so behaved during the baptism ceremony, she never squirmed nor wailed, she just slept all through out. She is one of my godchildren with a mother who is close to me. I’ve known Emma since her college days and Helen is one of my best friends in life, a kind of friend whom I can truly trust, confiding all my secrets, hehehe!

It was my second time to be at St. Mary’s Church in Buhangin for a christening, in December 2009, I went there for the christening of Ameira Breanne Faustino where I stood as one her godmothers, she is the daughter of Engr. Roumel Faustino and Bels Faustino. The circumstance was also very special since Mel and Bel are both good friends and they asked me to be a godmother when Breanne was still in Bel's tummy.

Yesterday was a good breather since I was able to relax and talk to my closest colleagues in UIC. I went there with Juvy, Roy and Jerry and while at the car of Jerry we talked so many weird things, hahaha! At the church we joined other colleagues, Margie, Givan and Cherry. We went to Indangan for the reception and renewed our little sharing, laughing in-between and poking fun with each other. We went home past 3:00 in the afternoon and while at the car we continued the conversation which has nothing to do with our future.hahaha!

It was a relaxing day, full of laughter and fun!

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