Some of the Prettiest Royals


She was born (1983) in London ten years after the abolition of monarchy in Greece, but Theodora remains a royalty. She is Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh's great niece and two of her aunties are Queens: one is a queen regnant--Margrethe II of Denmark, and the other is a queen consort-- Sophia of Spain.

I always find her cute and stunning, in fact, she is one of my choices for Prince William's future bride in the past, but of course destiny did not cooperate. Well, the match might be inconceivable too since royal marriages between close family relations are not any more common in British monarchy and the last blood relations to marry are Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II who are third cousins through Queen Victoria of England and second cousins, once removed, through King Christian IX of Denmark. Theodora and William come in the same family trees: the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, the Glucksburgs and the Romanovs in Russia (through their great grandmother, Queen Olga of Greece).

Her Royal Highness, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark is the youngest daughter of ex-King Constantine II of Greece and Queen Anna Marie. Her father is one of the closest cousins of Prince Charles (they are second cousin, Charles's father, Prince Philip, is the first cousin of Constantine's father, King Paul of Greece) and William's godfather. Constantine II became King of Greece in 1964 and reigned nine years until Greece declared republic in 1973.  

Theodora is more royal than William, the ex-King of Greece is the younger brother of Queen Sophia of Spain (wife of King Juan Carlos), his parents were King Paul I and Princess Federica of Hanover, a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England. Theodora's mother, Anna Marie, is the youngest sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, her parents were King Frederick IX of Denmark and Princess Ingrid of Sweden, also a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England. Theodora and William are third cousins through King George I of Greece and triple fifth cousins through Queen Victoria of England, well of course this royal match is just in my dream as William is now married, but it is still difficult to move on with the fact that he married a commoner when he could choose someone from the world of aristocracy.

Princess Theodora finished her Bachelor of Arts degree at one of the Ivy League of Schools in the United States, Brown University in Rhode Island. She also studied fashion designing in London and now aspired to become a film maker and recently moved to the Los Angeles, California. By virtue of her affinity to Queen Victoria, Theodora is listed in the line of succession to the British throne.


Like Princess Theodora, Lady Gabriella, Ella to her family and friends, finished her Bachelor of Arts degree at the prestigious Brown University in the United States. She obtained a college diploma in BA Comparative Literature in 2004 and currently worked as a journalist in London.

Born on April 23, 1981, Gabriella is the youngest child of HRH Prince Michael of Kent, first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, and Baroness Marie Christine von Rebneitz. She is more "royal" than any nieces and nephews of the Queen. Her father, Prince Michael, is the youngest child of Prince George, the Duke of Kent, youngest son of King George V. Michael's mother was Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, first cousin of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Ella's mother is a German aristocrat, Marie Christine von Rebneitz.

She is the prettiest girl among the British royal family members, well, there's a saying that goes "Beauty is on the eye of the beholder". She is currently in the line of succession to the British throne after her brother, Lord Frederick Windsor.


Her heart-shaped face is unmistakably charming and her deep blue eyes seemed mysterious and magical, Princess Madelaine, no doubt, is one of the prettiest royals in the current European royal court. When she was still in her teens, a royal match between her and Prince William of Wales was often reported after all, Madelaine is a royal from an existing royal house in Europe, but nothing happened with the match since Madeleine is living in Sweden and William attended college at St. Andrews.

The Princess was born 11 days before Prince William on June 10, 1982, she is the youngest child of King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden from the royal house of Bernadotte and related to Queen Elizabeth II of England. She consistently topped the list of several magazines as one of the Hottest Young Royals in the world.

Princess Madeleine was created Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland in her own right. She was previously engaged to Jonas Bergstrom, a Swedish lawyer, but she broke up the engagement later following a report that Bergstrom had cheated her with a college student. As a descendant of Queen Victoria, she is listed in the line of succession to the British throne.

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