Panti Experience

This is a book, in case you will wonder..hehehe

While looking for books published by the Summit Media (because I want to check the format of their short stories as I am planning to send a query for my short stories collection) at the national bookstore, my attention was caught by one intriguing book in the "HUMOR" section, with a very amusing title.

 So I picked one. The book has a naughty title "Panti Experience" with four girly undies clipped in the nylon (hahaha!), so I thought maybe this book talks about naughty stuff especially those delicate "personal belongings" of girls...haha! little did I know the surname of the author is indeed--Panti...Jay Panti....ngorkkk!

I was super amused with this very intriguing book that I  started reading the introduction...and my God!A tiny chuckle came out from my mouth...yaaaay! So I flipped several pages and gosh, I could not control myself from laughing so I decided to buy one to continue reading at home.

The moment I arrived in my bedroom, I ripped the cellophane right away and started reading the content and while still at the introduction my laughter started tearing the stillness of the environment of my bedroom. My God!This book is very hilarious with lots of humor, anecdotes, little "green" topics and the author's unique ability to create a typical Filipino naughtiness.hehehe!

In case you are wondering why this book is super hilarious, well, the author presented the topic in a very simple approach, about life, about romance, about adventure and misadventure and other "pambobola" thing--Filipino style. This book has a very simple format which everybody can relate. Ideal for young adults who love "pakwela" effect.

A unique book to make us laugh and be amused and momentarily forget other concerns. For people who want to get out temporarily from clutters in life and just want to relax and laugh and hang around. This book is for you.

And to give you an overview, here are some of the highlights.

Page 9: A Short Survey about my High School Life
"Umpisahan ko muna ang book na ito sa pagsagot sa isang napakawalang kwentang survey na di ko alam kung sino ang gumawa...Dahil sa wala na akong magawa sa Friendster(hahaha of course we know this SN site is now..dead) ay nakatuwaan kong sagutin ang isa sa mga surveys dun na ewan ko ba kung bakit pinagtiyagaan ko din naman sagutin"

"Inaaway mo ba yung guard sa gate?..Lage ka bang nale-late?Active ka ba sa klase?Mababa ba IQ mo?Hina-harass mo ba ang mga teachers mo?Gumagawa ka ba ng assignments o copy lang?"

Page 22 "Ahemmm...more on Melanie"
"So eto na ang inaabangan na mga kwentong ewan ko, hehehe!"

Page 44 Tina na naman...
"Eto ang kwentong ikakagulat ng lahat, kumbaga sa pelikula eh parang ito yung nagulat ka na lang at namatay yung bida sa ending..parang Panday...Darna..lahat merong ito na nga..."

I finished reading the book in less than 40 minutes...hahaha!Well for a change and to have a breather from the rigid routine and other serious books in my collection.

You will be intrigued more with the content of this book when you read the cover "warning: this book does not make sense"!

But trust me, you will end up rolling in laughter while reading this book..hehehehe!

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