King Michael of Romania

On May 10, 2011, ex-King Michael of Romania issued a royal decree announcing that his family would no longer be connected with the royal house of Hohenzollern (a German royal house) and would be known as the royal family of Romania from now on. The King, one of the closest cousins of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was deposed in December 1947 (several weeks after his return from London where he attended the wedding of his cousins, Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth--now the Queen) after communist seized the government control following World War II.

Several years ago, he changed the rule of succession from Salic Law to Agnastic-Cognastic primogeniture so that, in the event that the monarchy will be restored, his eldest daughter, Princess Margarita, can succeed to the throne. King Michael is now 89 years old (he is with the same age as Prince Philip) and just recently attended the wedding of Prince William of Wales. He is still very popular among Romanians. King Michael worked as a commercial pilot after he was forced to abdicate by the communist group in Romana and lived in Switzerland with his family. His wife was Princess Ana of Burgundy. In the 1990s he was allowed to go back to Romania by the new government.

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