Panti Experience and Blueberry cheesecake

Okay, the past week was not all cheery, there were days that I was annoyed with useless things not worthy in the end, oh well that's life, but towards the end of the week I had lots of laughter and well...amusement...

My hunger pangs started kicking on Wednesday and so many foods appeared in my mind..hahaha!I shared this "food longing" to my friend we decided and agreed to go to Lachi's on Friday.

Yessss finally Friday arrived...and by 5:40 pm we were sitting comfortably at Lachi's, actually it was my first time to be there (along Marfori Heights, just a few walk effort from Nanay Bebings). This is just a very small place, about eight tables only, but it is always filled with lots of customers that you must call for a reservation ahead of time. The foods are great!

Blueberry Cheesecake!yummyyyy
The smaller version of BlueBerry cheesecake that Kathy chose to order.hehehe

I ordered Oriental Chicken with Rice because I am not comfortable with red meat anymore(well except maybe for water buffalo) and Pork, well I only eat Pork once a year, every New Year (my father says it is okay to eat Pork once a year). Aside from the oriental chicken meal, I ordered one slice of blueberry cheesecake (one of my favorites with carbonara and Brazo), yum, yum!
Oriental Chicken
Pork Marinara that Kathy ordered. Baked Spaghetti topped with porkchop

Wheew!It was a great dinner, the oriental chicken meal was perfect! I loved it and the blueberry cheesecake, one of my favorites, was sooo delicious.

Then Sunday...

After attending the mass at San Pedro Cathedral I went to the national bookstore to look for a copy of Summit Media books, I want to check the format of their non-fiction/romance genre because I want to submit a query for my short stories collection (for broken hearts hahaha!)but I didn't find one instead I found this very hilarious book, Panti Experience, hahaha!Opppps you might think the book talks about the confidential belonging of girls....:-P

Veryyyyy I bought one and found myself laughing alone inside my bedroom while reading. It was soooo entertaining that I finished reading the whole book in less than 40 minutes. hehehe. Read my review of Panti Experience HERE

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