Annie Pie

Why I love to eat lots of foods lately? (but I am not gaining weight, haha!)Am I hiding something in my system?Hmmm...emptiness, perhaps?haaay, but I just want to eat and eat and eat and unwind and surf the net hehehe.

After Lachi's adventure last Friday, yesterday afternoon, I and Kathy went to another Cafe, geeeez!This time to AnniePie, originally I wanted to go back to Cafe Demitasse to eat their soooo yummy creamy Carbonara and the unique Belgian fries but Kathy told me to try AnniePie's carbonara so we ended up going to Malvar.

And ordered Carbonara and Tiramisu!hehehehehe...

Well the pasta used this time is Fettuccine...I adored carbonara more if it is made from fettuccine and rich creamy white sauce (with Garlic bread perhaps)...and so we devoured one plate of creamy carbonara, though it was great, I loved Demitasse's carbo more...we were discussing business while eating but we never talked about life's clutters because I didn't want to spoil my appetite.

What I love about Cafe houses is its very quiet, comfy and exclusive environment, I can fully relax and enjoy the food, a perfect choice to loosen up and just hang around with good friends. I already invaded almost every cafe house in Davao (Chicco's, Cafe Demitasse, Kangaroo, Fagioli, Yellow Hauz, AnniePie), hahaha!Three reasons why I love to dine at cafes --- quiet environment, wifi zone and they serve European concoctions, yaaaay!

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