Nice words spread about this one dining place in Davao City called Lachi's that I was so excited to go there.

My friend told me ahead that the place is often crowded with diners, others even just endure the long hours of waiting outside. Luckily for us, there were still few people inside when we went there one afternoon. True enough, this place has the finest foods a cafe or a restaurant can offer.  

Lachi's is located along Marfori heights not far away from Nanay Bebing, it is just a very small place with only eight to nine tables, hence, people often called in advance to make for a reservation. But the area is neat and clean and very quiet and I love its very comfortable environment.

My friend told me that Pork Marinara (Baked Spaghetti topped with Pork Chopped) is one of the best in the menu  but I am not into Pork anymore so I chose the Oriental Chicken meal. And yes, it was great! Boneless chicken marinated in delicate herbs and deep fried, very crunchy and tasty, tastier than Jollibee or McDo's fried chicken. The order costs P116.00 but you will be satisfied because it has 6 big chicken strips plus almost one and a half cup of rice.
Oriental Chicken with Rice (P116.00)
Pork Marinara (Baked spaghetti topped with Pork Chopped)
Blueberry Cheesecake P85.00 per slice

I also tried the Baked Spaghetti ordered by my friend which has the best mixture compared to other baked spaghetti in town, packed with lots of melted cheese! We ended the meal with a dessert---Blueberry Cheesecake, I chose the big slice hehehe while my friend selected the smaller, rounded size but the "pie" cut is better and tastier than its smaller cousin. I loved it!

You must try it for yourself! Lachi's foods are great, none of its customers blurted dissatisfaction after trying their foods, everything in the menu is so terrific and you don't need to wait for ages for your orders to be served, they have cooperative staff. I would love to come back at Lachi's and try Teriyaki.

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