First day of June!

Finally it's June. Another school year. How time flew so fast! But I love it because it brings so many advantages in life, never mind the age, I want to age!

This Saturday I and a classmate will be going to AdDu for the enrolment, my God!I just realized that I am now in my second year in MBA. It feels like only yesterday that I was deeply troubled whether to attend the graduate school or not. Well, I enjoyed my last two semesters, I was able to meet new friends, new people, I learned new things in life. I was able to build dreams again for myself and regained my self-confidence. 

But then there are still worries that cannot be erased by time and overflowing self-confidence, like..uhmm...worries of what's-coming-ahead now that my life is still swinging back and forth.

Yesterday, I searched topics for effective antioxidant supplements because I wanted to replace the current supplements I am taking, but I was surprised to find out that I got the right supplements!Glad that I did some research before going to the health shop, now I don't need to replace it and maybe just buy additional supplements like Coenzyme Q10 which is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle supplements. My main concern is the fine lines in my forehead and around my eyes. 

Hmmm anyway, I am very cautious with the food I eat, minimizing red meat, no to pork, no to softdrinks, no to chocolates and coffee but I am used into it and I love my life and it feels like I am not deprived of anything haha!

I also got some new information about health:

Too much caffeine may lead to infertility, toinkz!Good that I am not a coffee or softdrinks drinker. I drink Green Tea with honey but caffeine in one cup of hot Green Tea is only 40 mg compared to one cup of coffee which has 300 mg according to another health news. Coke is another beverage which contains caffeine.

So this afternoon I and Kathy will have to spend dinner in an Italian restaurant again. I am wondering if pasta can contribute to wrinkles.hehe. I want to try another pasta recipe aside from Carbonara.

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