Brazo de Mercedes

Luscious and mouth-watering dessert! That is Brazo de Mercedes.
Brazo de Mercedes from Goldilocks
Delectable Brazo. I love its light effect to my stomach

Light and all white Brazo

This is one of my favorite desserts, because aside from its super yummy taste, it has no excessive fats and cholesterol as it is primarily made from white eggs, it has milk and flour ingredients but the white eggs component is more prominent.

What I love about this dessert is its distinct creamy taste: not overtly sweet but not too dry for the mouth, both tender and succulent in nature. Unlike other desserts where I can feel an annoying “bulk” in my stomach after eating, brazo is different maybe because of its super light form, the effect is not heavy in my stomach. It is not solely a carbohydrate food but more on light protein and you don’t need extra effort to chew it, it will just slide in the mouth.

It is not only delicious but offers great advantages to health. It is not loaded with too much fats so its effect to the body is lighter. According to some, this dessert is good to be eaten by people with "beri-beri" or inflammation of veins. Its succulent appearance is very tempting and I often crave this every time I pass at any Goldilocks outlet.

Enjoy it with one cup of hot green tea at any cafe houses. Aside from Goldilocks, cafe in Davao which offers delectable Brazo is Chicco di Caffe along Roxas Street.

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