L'Oreal Milky Toner

This special revitalift aqua milky toner product from L’Oreal has anti-wrinkle and firming solutions that help moisturize and rejuvenate sagging skin while fighting the rapid process of aging. It has pro-retinol and fibre-elastyl formulations which help refine pores and fine lines.

I've been using this for almost two years now and very much contented with the result. The milk extracts help refine my pores and some fine lines around my forehead and eyes. I noticed also that it lightens my skin more and has a different glow. It softens skin and fight the rapid process of premature aging.

Though I have an annoying oily skin, this aqua milky toner doesn't provoke pimples and acne. In fact, it clearly smoothen skin and erases dark spots and other blemishes. This is highly recommended to be used for people who have skin blemishes and large pores and especially those who are suffering from dry skin, this will help make the skin glow and radiate. 

I am using this product twice a day, first in the morning before I put on day cream or facial powder then at night before I went to bed. It helps soothe skin and acts as an effective moisturizer. 200 ml (picture above) is worth P300.00

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