Nichido Starlight Lip Color

I am not into lipstick because I hate the "bulk" feeling it gives to my lips, besides, some lipsticks have no moisturizer or "glossy" effects so I prefer to use lip gloss instead because it has a dual action, it is both lip color and moisturizer.

I have four collections of lip gloss, all cheap, since I cannot afford the expensive varieties, but whenever I go shopping, especially for cosmetics, I usually go with the quality, apart from the common notion that quality products are only confined on the branded stuff, you are terribly wrong as there are also affordable brands that offer the best quality products, all you have to do is to be a wise shopper.

One of my latest "discoveries" in cosmetics is Nichido Starlight Lip Color, it is very affordable with a price of only P120.00. What I love about this product is its luscious scent, very fruity and sweet and it has a very light effect on my lips. It shimmers right away even if I just apply a small amount. 

This lip gloss is very easy to use as it comes with a paint-like packaging which users can control the amount of lip gloss to be applied. This is one of my favorite cosmetics and used it more often than other lip gloss because it suited my lifestyle. I am using the "georgia" variety because it compliments my color. Georgia is somewhat pale red and hot pink which spark innocence and lightness while creating a sophisticated lips for everyday use. The watery effect makes everything perfect for my daily looks, plus it will last for about six hours.

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