Being a godmother

The truth is, I’ve twelve godchildren already, but I was not able to attend personally the christening of the four kids so I am hesitant to admit it in my senses if my role in their lives is  valid both in religious practice and in sentiments. I am yet to ask my father (I think he has a good explanation on this because he is one of the lay ministers in our place assigned to conduct lecture/seminar for pre baptism and pre cana) or some experts about it. Not that I am rude or cruel or what, but I am just confused with its legality.
 My 9th godchild both in legality and sentiments (haha!), Stephanie Louie D. Bacalso, carried by her mother, Junna

But whatever the acceptable practice, the truth is, being chosen as one of the godmothers is always a great privilege.

It also brings back good memories with my own godmother back in the province.

I had only two godmothers and two godfathers at baptism and there is one godmother of mine whom I always looked up to when it comes to understanding the real role of a godmother. I am super close to her since I was a little girl. She always treated me as her own daughter. She would lavish presents of any kind (money most often, hehe) even if there was no occasion. Even up to now, my God at my age? She would still give me anything! She is really amazing. She never failed to ask my parents how’s my life, what I am doing, where I am now. I also treated her as my mother, whenever I see her around I would rush to her side and kissed her hand and asked what she’s doing. The bond is very strong and the respect I have for her is so huge! Her children also treated me as one of their siblings.
 Fooling around after the reception. A great reunion...
...with our silliness..hehe!

It feels good from deep within. I often think about it, about her kindness and generosity to her godchildren. Being a godmother does not begin and end in the church during the baptism ceremony. It is a lifetime responsibility. Yesterday, I had another opportunity to stand as a godmother of my friend’s eldest child. I’d known my friend for almost three years now and she’s one of my dearest friends. We shared the same house for two years and some silly moments together. I often shared my ups and downs to her without any reservations. Hehe! So it made the whole event extra special.
 Yummy cupcakes

I hope I would be able to live up to the real role of a godmother just like what my own godmother had shown to me through all these years.

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