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Kangaroo is a coffee shop located along Tiongko and Mapa Streets, Davao City (walking distance from Central Bank). This is one of the most comfortable cafe shops in the city I'd ever visited and one of my favorites because of its calm, clean and quiet environment, away from the chaotic surrounding of the city. It has a very homely and neat ambience, perfect for people who want to study, do assignments or simply looking for a temporary place for respite. It is a wifi zone so you can bring your laptop and surf the net endlessly.
My favorite food at Kangaroo, fish fillet with Lemon-Butter sauce
Passionfruit Iced Tea

I'd gone there several times with my classmates, brainstorming for our marketing plan and doing some homeworks. The foods are great and the concoctions, smoothies are simply amazing! My favorite is the fish fillet menu which has a lemon-butter sauce. Passiofruit Iced Tea and Coffees are also great. What I love about this cafe shop is its typical home-like area. The comfort room has a relaxing design with lots of magazines and books piled on each corner. This place is styled similar to a typical house setting with books around the corner.
Cake and pastries at Kangaroo. Photo from www.lakwatsera.blogspot.com

Members of the service crew are all nice and accommodating, and I think they have lots of patience for customers who stayed longer.hehe! During Araw ng Dabaw, while still working our initial concept of our marketing plan, me and my group mates stayed for 11 hours but we never heard them  enough dragged chairs or bungled plates, haha!

Anyway, over-all, Kangaroo is an excellent cafe shop to visit and relax.

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