Great Contrast

I don’t want to toss myself back to the moment where I could feel nothing but distress and resentment. No, that’s not exactly how I would run my life at the moment. So I managed to maintain a sunny disposition despite being ravaged by frustration, disappointment, rejection and oh yes fever.

I don't want to be haunted with negative energies. I want a different life, a different outlook to attract happiness and contentment. So despite having fever, I managed to attend my evening classes this week to divert my mind from anxieties and worries. Every time I am in the classroom, it seems I am a new person, it feels like I am living a different life—a great contrast when I am in the office.

There’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling than life in the graduate school, sounds like a perfect antidote for my sordid life. It’s like breathing a fresh air.
 Paying attention to the speaker in one of our seminar-workshop sessions 
My classmate took this shot.haha! Don't be shocked but most of us in the classroom wore school i.d all the time

Last Thursday, while solving a complicated case assignment in our managerial accounting, my classmates pacified the stressful night with their usual antiques of initiating weird conversation which broke us in laughter. After the class, I went straight home to take a little rest, I didn't join my classmates having dinner somewhere because I was afraid they would force me to drink,oh no!!!

I just came home from my Ignatian Leadership for Managers class (a while ago) which lasted more than three hours but I was not bored at all in fact it was a wonderful session. And wait! I have no absent with this subject! What an accomplishment! Since day one, I religiously attended this class because our professor had so many worthy and interesting inputs, her sharing was fascinating, I learned so many things from her and the interactions (with classmates) and sharing were great!

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