At Kangaroo Again :-)

A breathing space...

At last I can move comfortably in the office. The intensity of work load during summer is not as heavy as that of the semesters', the office hour kicks at 8:00 in the morning so I will not be compelled to wake up as early as 6:00, I still have plenty of minutes to prepare.hehe!
Completely caught off guard..haha!photo courtesy of Yam Limbaga :-)

with Juvy 
The final months of this school year thoroughly depleted all the energy and patience I saved, plummeting my already disillusioned system. I am reconsidering of taking an exodus. It’s so intensely difficult to pretend that everything is fine with my pulse when deep inside I am ready to crumble with fury and anguish.

The hidden animosity finally flared up and nailed further my discomfort. But after my resentment subsided (five hours ago), I realized that if I will tolerate my impulsiveness it will bring me further to nowhere, considering disillusioned workers in other companies and institutions lashing bitterly their employers, looking for unsure jobs in other backyards would never appease my tired mind. So I decided to stay on, this summer I will throw all my effort working on affiliate marketing and books.

My disenchantment temporarily receded when I attended the College Graduation in the morning. 

After taking lunch with my colleagues at the UIC Bajada gymnasium, I went straight to Kangaroo (again) to join my classmates in Marketing Management. It was our third time at Kangaroo. We’re still wrapping the Marketing Plan for next week presentation. While walking along V.Tiongko (going to Kangaroo), I could feel the warmth of the afternoon air, the quiet environment alleviated my distress and pacified the little misery I felt. We had a nice afternoon, lots of laughter and funny anecdotes while planning how to present our plan. While enjoying the whole afternoon, we agreed to go out for dinner after our presentation this Tuesday to relax and loosen up.
 Sipping Kanga Tea Latte in a strawberry flavor at Kangaroo this afternoon
My favorite food at Kangaroo. Fish fillet with Lemon butter sauce
....and my favorite drink Passionfruit Iced Tea

Life in the graduate school is always fascinating and exciting. It provides me with fresh air to breath.

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