Cafe Shops in Davao

Today is Araw ng Dabaw

But how the celebration looks like? My answer is--- I don't!

Since living in the city for almost 18 years now, there were only few occasions that I went to the street and joined the crowd watching float parade and other activities. It's a little pretty boring thing watching throngs of people going everywhere in the city, so I chose to stay in the boarding house than be melted under the scourging heat of the sun.

This year, nothing has change. No difference from the previous years, but with a little upgrading..haha! Walking through the maze of people under the pouring rain and with a malfunctioned umbrella, I went straight to the Central bank to join my classmates (going to Kangaroo).

We arrived at Kangaroo Coffee shop at exactly 10:00 then poured writing our Marketing Plan right away, we divided the tasks so that we can finish it faster. There, I find peace of mind while pondering what to write on the business plan. It was a quiet day, full of laughter, and again, I had eaten plenty, argggh!

Kangaroo is different from other coffee shops in the city I'd visited, it is very comfortable and homely. You got to serve yourself too. The comfort room really gives you comfort, very clean with lots of books and magazines!

It was my first time also to spend 11 straight hours at the coffee shop! I wonder how the Kangaroo staff thought about us..hehe..I got home past 9:00 pm and already very exhausted but I didn't sleep right away. After updating my diary, I wrote my usual "things to be done" stuff in my little notebook and wrote the Summary of our Marketing Plan.
My favorite food at Kangaroo. Fish fillet with Lemon butter sauce
and my favorite drink Passionfruit Iced Tea

For two months I've been to many coffee shops in Davao City either discussing business opportunities with Kathy or doing assignments with my classmates. But most of all, devouring foods. At Chiccos I usually ordered Brazo and Garlic bread, at Cafe Demitasse I adored their Creamy Carbonara, Monte Cristo and Belgian Fries at Fagioli, Smoothies are the best!
Chicco's Garlic Bread
Monte Cristo Sandwich at Cafe Demitasse
Coffee Smoothie at Fagioli

Looks like I gained 3 pounds in just two months. But I am not really conscious with my weight, I am still within the limit, even I devoured foods too much, I rarely gain beyond 5 pounds. I also jog and do some aerobics weekly so it balances everything. Besides, foods are hard to resist when I am at the Cafe Shops serving European dishes..hahaha!

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