2011 World's Most Admired Companies

The following information is based on the listing of Fortune magazine which had been releasing surveys about world's billionaires and most admired companies for the past years.

According to Fortune: The tumult is the greatest we've seen in 13 years of ranking the World's Most Admired. Of the 57 industries studied, 22 are led by new companies this year, the largest proportion ever. The changed order of the business world is particularly evident from another perspective -- our respondents' views about who are the best at critical business abilities. The recession changed global opinion thoroughly".

This listing is conducted through survey on business people by Fortune magazine with the following areas: Innovation, People Management, Use of Corporate Assets, Social Responsibility, Quality of Management, Financial Soundness, Long-term Investment, Quality of products and services and Global Competitiveness. Apple Incorporated  got the highest score in all areas. The companies are classified based on the nature of their business. Apple ranked first in Computer Industry followed by EMC and HP. For innovation area, Apple ranked first followed by Google and Nike. Read here how Fortune magazine picked the Top 50 World's Most Admired Companies.

Below are the Top 10 World's Most Admired Companies for 2011 according to Fortune:

1. APPLE - For fourth straight years now, Apple Incorporated led the pack of Fortune's listing of most admired companies in the world. The magic that catapulted Apple to greatness relies mainly on its sleek, revolutionary innovations of high technology gadgets. Steve Jobs's brilliant inventions set the company apart from its competitors. Apple has several state-of-the-art creations which leave competitors reeling in envy. MacAir, iPad, iPhone among others are Apple's shining stars. Apple's founders are Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, Jobs remains its CEO up to this time. Apple is headquartered at Palo Alto, California.

2. GOOGLE - Slightly lower by 3 points against Apple, Google.com is this year's second placer. But the company continues to reign as King of world wide web search. Google offers tools and open-source operating systems mostly free, the company generates profit through its AdWords program. Google's founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The company has several acquisitions and partnerships and its products and services include Gmail email, social networking site Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Chrome, Picasa photo organization and Google talk instant messaging.

3. BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY -  This is the flagship of the third richest man in the world, Warren Buffet's business empire. Berkshire Hathaway, often called the largest investment company in the world, is located at Buffet's home town, Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States. Buffet, who remained the company's CEO and Chairman of the Board, used his brilliant investing skills when he acquired this struggling textile company in the 1960s. Under this flagship, Buffet's acquired several businesses in textile, railroad, insurance, construction, foods, Apparel, Flight services and many more.

4. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES - An American airline company based in Dallas, Texas, Southwest Airlines has been known as a low cost carrier company serving domestic flights around the United States. What makes this carrier one of the most admired companies in the world? respondents on Fortune's survey say "its unique business model" and the company is focusing more on customers' needs. The airline is not offering services like First Class Cabin, seat assignments reservations, video/audio programming to maintain its low cost prices.

5. PROCTOR AND GAMBLE - Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Procter and Gamble company was founded in 1837 by brothers-in-law, William Procter, a candle maker and James Gamble, a soap maker, after their father-in-law, Alexander Norris suggested they became business partners. Initially the company manufactured candles and soaps and soon diversified into other products. It also acquired several companies over the years of its operations. Procters and Gambles has been enjoying a tremendous success in the global community through its household products which best suited to the needs of the consumers.

6. COCA-COLA Company - A beverage retailer and manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages, best known for its premier product, Coca-Cola, the company operates a franchised distribution system and offered 500 brands in more than 200 countries. Due to consumers' concern over health issues, the company responded by producing non-carbonated drinks like Minute Maid, Fruitopia, Powerade and flavored Tea Nestea (a joint venture with Nestle). Coca-cola is a US company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

7. AMAZON.com - The King of Online shopping, Amazon is one of the most trusted online retailer in the world today. Started as online bookseller company in 1994 and launched in 1995 by its founder, Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com has gone a long way in electronic commerce ever since, now, it became the world's largest online retailer selling every product you can find in every corner of the earth. Due to the continued rise of its loyal consumers and the needs to promote the products based on the concept of affiliates, Amazon launches its Amazon Associates service, allowing bloggers and other sites to join the program with commission-based earnings. The company is based in Seattle, Washington.

8. FedEx - based in Memphis, Tennessee, FedEx derived its name from the company's original air division, Federal Express. It is now one of the largest logistic services companies in the world with offices spread in different countries across the globe.

9. MICROSOFT - Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft produces computer software and other electronic products and services, dominating the home-operating system market (MS-DOS & Microsoft Windows) and office suite market (Microsoft Office). The company diversified into video game and consumer electronics industries in recent years. Bill Gates, the current second richest man in the world, is no longer the CEO and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft, he transferred these responsibilities to Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozie in 2009 after he announced he would concentrate on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but her remained its Chairman of the Board. Microsoft's main headquarter is located at Redmond, Washington, USA.

10. McDONALDS - One of the leaders in Fast-Food chain in the world, McDonalds restaurant is operating under franchisee or affiliates. The company drew its revenues from royalties and rent from its franchisees and affiliates and sales from its company-operated facilities.  The company was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonalds as a hamburger house but in 1950s the company was acquired by a food salesman, Ray Kroc, who reinvented its operation and marketing concept, converting it to a franchise-based company allowing the business to grow massively  spreading its operation to almost 200 countries around the world. McDonalds Corporation's main headquarter is located at Oak Brook, Illinois, USA and its present CEO and Chairman is James Skinner.

Rounding the Top 20 listing are Wal-Mart's store, IBM, General Electric, Walt Disney, 3M, Star Bucks, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Airlines and BMW. 

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