Ignatian Leadership Seminar

Finally, we’re done!

Last night, our group (we’re only four in the group because our Chinese classmate went home to China for a business trip) conducted a seminar-workshop entitled AHA: A seminar on the foundation of leadership in our Ignatian Leadership for Managers and Entrepreneurs class. In this subject, we are divided into five groups and one of the class requirements is for us to conduct a seminar in the class. (First photo: Maam Bel, me, Jerry, Gerlie and Joel).

Our topic is about self-awareness (as one of the foundation of a good leader and manager). It runs smoothly and we had a wonderful session. It was a nice evening, our professor, Maam Bel Actub did her critics after we presented. She gave her assessment on how we conducted the seminar and how we can improve the lapses.

I have only one presentation to prepare before the semester ends, the Business plan presentation in my Marketing Management subject, but I never worry this class presentation because I will be working with my group mates and I am very comfortable with this group. The only subject I disliked this semester is Management Accounting :-(

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