Global Warming

Global warming can be defined as the increase in the average measured temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, the rapid climate change is the result of massive presence of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. This environmental phenomenon started picking its momentum at the start of the 20th century and rising continuously up to the present days, threatening the future of the earth and the present generation.

This recent phenomenon in nature sends alarm to different world agencies that governments began establishing useful studies and data to prevent the condition from worsening. One of the best sources of scientific information about global warming is IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change), established in 1988 by the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization, its main task is to record and investigate the latest scientific information about climate changes.

IPCC, which composed of various scientists and authors, released their initial assessment report in the middle of 1995 that this phenomenon undoubtedly is a human inflicted activity. The irresponsible clearing of forest for business purposes and infrastructures, coal mining, chemicals and chlorofluorocarbon or CFC (a group of chemical compounds that damage ozone layer) are few of these activities that promotes and ignited global warming. Today, concerned individuals are advocating for environmental protections and crusades to help save the world and make it livable for the next centuries.

Statistical evidence of global warming includes:
· Extreme hot temperature during summer
· The melting of glaciers (a large, slow moving of river ice, formed from compacted layers of snow that slowly deforms and flows in response to gravity and high pressure. It is a largest reservoir of water in the Earth’s surface, second only to ocean and the excellent source of fresh water.), and the decrease of snow cover.
· Early flowering of plants and trees and the increasing occurrences of allergies during hot season worsened by extreme temperature.
· Plants and animals are forced to move out from their places and seek refuge to much cooler places.
· Severe storms from other parts of the globe including the mainland US, the hurricane almost doubled in the last 3 decades.
· Death cases are increasing due to intense heat waves.
· The mounting carbon dioxide and the warming temperature stimulate plants to produce more pollen making allergies worst.

These phenomena could double in figure if people won’t show concerns to the environment. The risks are much greater to face in the coming years. Although there are some circumstances that stimulate the production of chemicals, these can be limited by appreciating agriculturally based products, in this sense, we can help save our environment.

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