Getting on with my nerves!

I know everything is not right at the moment because my desire to spend in writing every minute of the day grew massively. I just want to write and write and hope words would carry my thoughts elsewhere, to a place where nobody could find me. Writing is always a great escape, a peaceful sanctuary when everything turns messy. And right now, I know I am deeply bothered.

Shall I call today a “CLUTTERED DAY”?

I don't know why suddenly things start to sound like curses and flying objects in my horizon, but I really had a terrible, annoying day today. I finally fed up with so many annoying things in my surrounding and wanted to get out from this incredulously goddamn place...somewhere…to a place where nobody knows me...

It started with a simple hope...yesterday perhaps..

I tried reconnecting but the other side wants to bolt me out for good. But why animosity still persists? Why hostility still the name of the game? What had I done so wrong to deserve all the ruthless treatment....again? Why people love to devour on their pride? 

Oh hell...cretins in my surrounding pissed me off with their unreasonable behavior...puff! another triggering point of annoyance, but I tried to appear cool and relax, so I left the house to give myself a break and went somewhere to cool down. 

I went to BPI to make a deposit then went to the grocery to buy something. I bought a big cartoon of Carrot Juice to energize my mind and body because I am on the brink of losing the last strand of my patience. Then I dined at the nearby fast food chain, arggh! I promised a year ago not to eat in a fast food resto anymore but this time, I want to devour a high cholesterol diet to bury my irritation and annoyance.

I went home with a heavy heart. To prevent myself from exploding, I confined myself in the room and do blogging. Well , writing is my great escape, when boredom hits me and depression seems a visible enemy, I tried to write and write to whisk my mind away from disappointment and loneliness.

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