Osteoporosis Treatments

According to World Health Professionals, Osteoporosis is one of the many diseases that can be prevented; it is just a matter of choosing what kind of lifestyle one must follow. But because of the influence of the modern world where unhealthy foods can be easily attained plus the fact that 10 in every 50 persons suffered from malnutrition, prevention is usually hard to follow. Almost every year, men and women are reported with severe conditions of bone fractures-symptoms of osteoporosis. When a person suffered fractures in most important joints of the body, the onset of osteoporosis is started to surface. This diagnosed is often followed by recommended treatments by doctors.

There are two most common treatments usually recommended to osteoporosis patients: Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT and Calcium supplementations, but these regimens had different effects. There are some studies conducted show that HRT has no conclusive evidence in preventing osteoporosis, in fact some medical professionals are wary to recommend this treatment to women as this will increase the risk of acquiring breast cancer and heart disease. Calcium supplements are not very effective on the other hand as the body sometimes encounter difficulties in absorbing calcium.

Aside from the two above-mentioned medications, there are several options to treat osteoporosis and help relieved pains caused by the disease, these include the following:

Natural Progesterone
This natural process is available in creams and can be applied directly. This has been evidently shows to improve the bone mineral density among women by more than 15% with no reported side effects.

Medical drugs like Evista, actonel and bosamax
Evista has a similar action with estrogen, it may also increase bone mass and no scientific evidence that threatens breast cancer, except that this is noted to cause blood clots. Actonel and bosamax inhibited cells that break down bones, however, health professionals urged the public to consult their doctors first before taking these medications because misused of any of these drugs may cause esophagus ulcer.

This is a new medication of osteoporosis and is being infused in veins around 15 minutes, once a year. This is said to increase bone strength and reduced fractures.

Injectable drugs such as Forteo and Calcitonin
Forteo is a medication drug used to treat osteoporosis for post-menopausal women and men who have low testosterone therefore have greater risks in developing osteoporosis. This will stimulate bone formation and increases bone mineral density. This is applied through injections.

This is a naturally occurring hormone in the body known to inhibit bone loss. This is quite expensive compared to other osteoporosis treatment drugs, this can be administered alone as a nasal spray and injection.

Like any other chronic diseases, osteoporosis is avoidable. Taking extra precautionary measures while young is one of the best solutions, leading a healthy and active lifestyle can be very beneficial to prevent this dreaded disease in the future. Bone mass reached its highest peak between 25 and 35, this is the period to strengthen bones and muscles.

Consuming the right amount of bone nutrients is best recommended by health care professionals to preserve bone strengths, calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, Zinc and manganese are just few of the vitamins and minerals noted to increase bone mineral density.

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