Marketing Myopia!

Gosh! I am quite tense because I’ll be making a journal critique about Marketing Myopia, an important marketing journal written by Theodore Levitt of Harvard University, originally published in 1960 at the Harvard Business review where Levitt was an editor. 

Marketing Myopia talks about the short sightedness of most organizations and its narrow understanding in predicting the future of their business. This paper encourages CEOs to re-examine their corporate vision and redefine their market in terms of wider perspectives. The journal was successful in its impact because it was essentially practical.

A very interesting business journal! In fact I learned so many things about how to run a business effectively, but what really made me tense with this paper is that I am going to make a journal critique about this and present it to the class waaah! Why of all cases and journals, this one falls in my palm? When my professor assigned tasks to us, he did it alphabetically and sad to say my name darted on Levitt’s journal..oink!

I am busy researching additional materials related to Marketing Myopia to understand it better, so that I would not falter in front of my classmates when I make a presentation.hehe! My professor is somewhat a great fan of Harvard Business School because he always used materials from the HBS archive for our class discussion in Marketing Management subject. 

The materials are very interesting of course! One time he shared to us the content of the best-selling book, BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY, which talks about market positioning strategies and how to overcome a stiff competition without bleeding the consumers’ interest, eventually swimming in the ocean of success. It was great! I will apply those strategies when I have my own business in the future.hehe!

For the mean time, I will resume writing case analysis first...

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