Explosive Day With Our Bloody Paranoid Neighbors

It's really been a stressful day today, October 6, 2023. We had a blistering row with our bully neighbors this afternoon regarding the renovation of our home. So we decided to settle it in the barangay.

It's been five months that they have been bullying us non-stop. Every day, that old grumpy lady neighbor would scold our workers, complaining about how they (our workers) trespassed on their roofs even when they did not. 

This afternoon, I could not bear her annoying whining anymore as she and our workers had a shouting match again. So I exploded and shouted at her as I felt it was too much and she really needed to be given a lesson for her paranoia. We had this terrible row and I was shouting at the top of my lungs. So we have to go to the barangay to settle the issue.

My God! The level of stress I felt this afternoon is rooftop! I could feel the tingling of my nerves, the raging of my heartbeat, and the boiling of my blood, that if I die today that old lady neighbor should be held responsible!!!

It's now 10:30 in the evening and I still could not sleep, my chest twitched, my back ached, and my head throbbed. I did not take my dinner as I did not have any appetite to eat as my thoughts raged in anger and exasperation.

These neighbors of ours are bloody paranoid, bully, and impossibly arrogant! The way they coerce us every day is bloody hell!

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