Spring and Summer Fashion Trend: Espadrille Footwear

Espadrille fashion for spring and summer seasons

We are approaching the spring and summer seasons, and so this footwear trend, which has been the favorite of most royal ladies in Europe, is so timely to add to our closet.

Espadrille fashion footwear for spring and summer
espadrille wedges

Espadrilles are stylish footwear pieces made of jute fabric, which is a vegetable fiber from the Corchorus plant. It's a versatile material used to make twine, sacks, curtains, and, espadrilles.

Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia of Spain wearing espadrilles
Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia of Spain wearing espadrille wedges

Queen Letizia of Spain wearing espadrille wedges
Queen Letizia of Spain wearing espadrille wedges

The style of jute on espadrilles ranges from a simple rope to an intricate design with braids. It is attached to a rubber or rope sole using glue and stitches. 

Espadrilles footwear style for women ranges from flat to wedges with laces, however, most royal ladies in Europe wore espadrille wedges.

Princess Leonor of Asturias wearing espadrille wedges
Leonor, the Princess of Asturias wearing Mint & Rose espadrilles 

Espadrilles are versatile shoes because they can be matched and paired with practically any outfit - from dress, and trousers, to jeans, and shorts. It can either be a formal or informal fashion look.

Princess Ariane wearing espadrilles
Princess Ariane of The Netherlands wearing espadrille wedges

It is ideal to wear during spring and summer due to the comfort it provides to the wearer during warm weather. 

It is also easy and light to carry. So whether you are in a hurry or just leisurely walking, espadrilles are great fashion companions for women on the go.

In European royalty, Queen Letizia and her daughters, the Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofia are fond of wearing espadrilles during the spring and summer seasons. 

Spanish royals love espadrille fashion footwear
Princess Leonor, Queen Letizia, Queen Sofia, and Infanta Sofia wearing espadrilles
Catherine Princess of Wales espadrille fashion
Kate loves her Castañer Carina Canvass espadrilles

Queen Letizia of Spain and her daughters wore espadrilles from Macarena, Castañer Carina, Sardinia, and Mint & Rose brands.

Catherine, the Princess of Wales loves her Castañer Carina Canvass espadrilles. She often wore it during summertime. 

As we head to the warm months of spring and summer, it's time to shop for our own espadrille footwear!

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