Looking For a Private Oasis, a Zen Garden, a Mountain Resort To De-Clutter Thoughts

Zen garden for a quiet oasis

I haven't read a book in over four years! Been so busy writing for lifestyle websites that I totally gave up my habit of reading. Haven't checked also any interesting books to buy. I rarely read e-books too (even though I am writing one haha!), but I still read short articles online. I spent most of the day researching topics for Royal World News or checking the social media accounts of the royals to write fresh articles.

But today, I got tired of so many things. I just want to rest my mind and recharge. And think about the places to visit later. I am thinking of going somewhere, to a Zen garden or anywhere to try yoga or visit a quiet place to meditate. 

A Zen garden is a great way to escape the noises in life when everything is too overwhelming. It's a perfect oasis for a tired soul, and to develop a sense of well-being. It's a relaxing place where the environment is at its calmest.

When we think too much about life, about what's going on, and what to do next, things start to clutter our system and it got heavier each day that we totally lost focus. It's perhaps a reminder that we need to take a break from our busy schedule and disconnect momentarily from the world and the people around us and go somewhere alone, to find our balance.

I came across Brian Tracy's website and his thoughts about Finding Balance in Life, and he said,  "You have the power to find balance in life, to live with no regrets, where you feel fully engaged. Where each day holds meaning and purpose and brings you joy"

And he added that "regrets" are the results of an unbalanced and unfocused life. OMG! So I really don't have to regret any mishaps I encountered in life because they helped cleared my path to where I should be treading in life.

When everything feels too much and things look blurred and hopeless, and we feel burned out, we only need to take a break and refocused, and think about our long-term goals. and know that things, including feelings of despair, unhappiness, and dejection, are just temporary. 

But first, yeah, I am looking for a Zen garden near me to relax and unwind. Or perhaps a quiet nature park or even a restaurant with a garden to clear off my foggy thoughts. Perhaps, I just need a nice meal somewhere.

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