6 Reasons to Watch: You Are My Hero, A Medical-Military Romance C-Drama 2021

I thought this series is a C-drama adaptation of "Descendants of the Sun", a 2016 K-drama hit. They follow a similar plot: A SWAT team captain meets a doctor intern and, well, they fall in love. Sounds so similar, isn't it? 

However, YAMH and DOTS follow different storylines and plot developments. And You Are My Hero is a lot cuter and sweeter than Descendants of the Sun 😄

You Are My Hero, is based on the 2013 novel, "You Are My City And Fortress" by Chinese author, Mu Qing Yu. Its narrative centers on the life and career of a SWAT team captain, Xing Kelei, and a neurosurgeon intern, Mi Ka.

Plot Summary:

Two years ago, Xing Kelei (Bai Jingting) was one of the snipers of the Special Police Unit who was dispatched to a jewelry store during a jewel heist, to control the situation. 

He was able to prevent the bloody outcome and saved the hostages including Mi Ka (Sandra Ma), a fresh medical graduate aspiring to become a surgeon. 

And because Xing Kelei was wearing a sniper gear which only shown his eyes, Mi Ka could not remember his face. Nonetheless, as an act of gratitude, she sent him a thank you note and a token.

Now Mi Ka is a new medical intern at a metropolitan hospital and still cannot forget the police officer who saved her two years ago. Xing Kelei on the other hand is now a Captain who heads the Tiger Assault Team- a unit in the police's SWAT team.

One day, the hospital chief sends new doctors to an Emergency Rescue Training as part of the hospital's disaster preparedness and logistics program. The training will be conducted by the Tiger Assault squad headed by Captain Xing and will be held at the police's camp base.

After conducting a training orientation, Police officer, Shu Wenbo, tells the attendees that the training instructor is their team captain, Xing Kelei. 

Words about Captain Xing began to circulate that he has a cold and stiff personality and unbending rules. He terrifies the doctor trainees because a year ago, he had failed most of the attendees during training exercises and refused to issue a completion certificate.

Still, Mi Ka is unperturbed. She sneaks  out of the training exercise to attend a surgical operation procedure conducted by a neurosurgeon specialist, Dr. Shao Yuhan.

Heading to the training camp from his previous training duty, Captain Xing wonders why there's a lady waiting for a ride in a road where public vehicles barely passed. 

He asks her if she wants a ride. Mi Ka, unaware the driver is their strict training instructor, eagerly hops in. And when he asks her what she does in a national highway, Mi Ka reveals she's attending a training but needs to escape to rush to the hospital.

She also starts blabbing how strict the training instructor based on the testimonies of previous training attendees. Captain Xing Kelei almost chuckled, but held his amusement 🤣

I would not give you further spoilers lol! This is a great C-drama to watch. Although a bit dragging because there are episodes that focused only on the daily routines of doctors and police officers, it's still a good alternative to keep your day entertained.

There are lots of positive points in this drama. Ang you'll delve into the real worlds of doctors and law enforcers, plus cute moments between the main leads.

This drama has 40 episodes. Link where you can watch the complete episodes for free is at the bottom of this post.

Here are 6 Reasons why you should watch this drama:

1. It's a light-hearted cute drama that gives us some feel-good moments, an antidote to the usual television series that often pumps stress and anger. You Are My Hero follows a simple storyline and yet filled with humor and youthful vibes. 

It has no major antagonists that the characters need to overcome, but just facing struggles about how to juggle career and personal life. 

2. Shows a balanced depiction of doctor's life and police commitment to ensure public safety. This is a positive drama  about doctors and law enforcers, how they respond to the challenges of their careers, and how they become heroes - saving lives, protecting the public, and upholding the morals and ethics of their professions. 

So if you are still wondering how real doctors live their profession and how police officers regularly face dangers in the line of duty, this drama is a good start. You'll also learn some tricky medical terms about neurosurgery. 

3. Love and duty can be synched. Oh yeah. If you are still thinking if busy professionals can still find time to enjoy the little things in life, fall in love, find the right person, and foster an enduring commitment, You Are My Hero tells you all of it, yes!

Dr. Mi Ka and Captain Xing KeLei have respective careers that contradict each other. While police officers need to punish lawbreakers, or even kill bad guys in the line of duty, doctors are bounded by the morals and ethics of the Hippocratic Oath - to save people's lives, irrespective of who they are.

However, despite this glaring contradiction, Mi Ka and Xing Kelei shared one objective  - to save lives. But apart from this challenge, they also face struggle to tie up the loose end of their odd schedules.

Many times they have attempted to set a date, but each time the day comes, there are always interruptions like sudden calls from the superior, or unforeseen changes in duty schedules. However, their undying love, level of understanding, and support only draw them closer together.

4. True love understands. Busy people, well, particularly doctors and men in uniform who follow a 24/7 format with regards to their career responsibilities, have barely space to breathe to arrange a date. 

This reality has been essayed in this drama how Mi Ka and Captain Xing struggle to find a common schedule to meet due to contrasting shifts. Add to this conflict are the unexpected calls from their superiors to perform their duties, and missions that take them elsewhere, allowing them so little time to catch up, even spending dinner together. 

But due to their loyalty, respect, and commitment, they are tied up to a common goal to hold on to each other. And to understand each other's circumstances.

It's just so real to watch this kind of narrative in a drama when most modern series tend to tackle topics about mistresses and dysfunctional families and all those deceit, betrayal and infidelity plots.

5. Strong Lead Characters - I always love Bai Jingting because he can portray effectively all types of roles thrown at him with so much charm and cuteness. In You Are My Hero, he added more dynamic to the role of a strict and hard disciplinarian police captain by showing some sense of humor and tenderness 😍

Bai Jingting as Captain Xing Kelei

His portrayal as the cold but warm-hearted Captain Xing Kelei gives us a real vibe of a gorgeous guy next door in uniform who can be a perfect boyfriend.

Captain Xing is a diligent police officer who is so devoted to his duty but can be a sweet suitor who  never fails to know his girl's needs and will do everything to make her safe and well taken care of. 

I love how Captain Xing's character developed in the story - from a stiff personality to a charming boyfriend who shows his funny and humorous side. So who says that a stoic police captain does not know how to make someone giggle? 😍

If you still have enough time, you can catch up a different Bai Jingting's portrayal in three series: Reset (2022), Rush to the Dead Summer (2017), and The Whirlwind Girl (2015).

Sandra Ma (also known by her Chinese name, Ma Sichun) is a multi-awarded C-drama actress known for her portrayals in Love Me If You Dare (2015), The Age of Legends (2018). and Chinese movies - The Left Ear (2015) and Soul Mate (2016).

Sandra Ma as Dr. Mi Ka

As Dr. Mi Ka, Sandra Ma showed us some variation in a doctor's life: a person full of compassion, who may sacrifice her own comfort just to ensure other people who are underprivileged can have a second shot in life. 

Mi Ka personifies the true qualities of doctors - dedication to saving lives, determination, resilience, and the level of preparedness to respond to the call of duty. However, she has some girly sides too that are so relatable to young professionals.

Xing Kelei and Mi Ka are two types of drama characters who show us the two sides of the coin - being highly dedicated professionals, passionate towards their careers, at the same time, warm-hearted individuals who want to enjoy the little things in life. 

6. Dynamic Second Leads - Usually, in a television series, the storyline tends to lean heavily on the main leads with secondary leads just relegated to a few scenes. However, in You Are My Hero, the narrative shows a unique subplot of secondary couples that are entirely independent of the main leads' story. 

Jiang Pei Yao (Ruan Qing Xia) and Chen Hao as Captain Shu Wenbo

Shu Wenbo and Qing Xia have their own unique story and struggles to overcome. They tend to be an odd combination at first - an extroverted girl who is aggressive to pursue her goal, meeting an introverted guy who seems so afraid of commitment. However, as the story progresses, their situation also evolved and traversed a clear path of development. 

Another coupling in the drama is the story between Xing Keyao and Dr. Shao Yuhan. Their story arc is a more mature tale of an adult relationship. You could see they are already in the marrying age but tend to slow down a bit, reassessing their goals in life and level of commitment. 

Overall, You Are My Hero is a good drama to watch, less stressful than the usual dramas we often watched on television. 

Read the full review I have contributed to Asian Drama Hub HERE. You can watch the complete episodes with English subtitles in YouTube for free, follow this link

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