Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo. The Marriage Announcement That Left us Bewildered

Barbie Hsu, the angelic-faced Taiwanese actress who captured Asian drama fans' hearts in 2001 when she portrayed San chai in the Taiwanese smash hit idol drama, Meteor Garden. 

Barbie Hsu as San chai and Jerry Yan as Dao Mengsi in Meteor Garden

One of her most popular romantic relationships was with Vic Chou, who played Hua Ze Lei in Meteor Garden. The relationship started after they both worked in the 2004 psychological drama, Mars. They were together for nearly three years before they broke up in January 2008.

Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu in MARS

In a little over two years, in November 2010, she would meet and marry Chinese businessman, Wang Xiaofei, heir to the South Beauty restaurant group in China which owned several restaurants and hotel chains in the mainland. 

Barbie married Wang Xiaofei in 2010 after just 49 days of dating 

Barbie received a storm of criticism from her fans both from mainland China and Taiwan due to her hasty decision to get married after dating Wang Xiaofei for only 49 days. That's less than two months! 😳 

Barbie ultimately quit showbiz and her last known appearance in movie and TV drama was in 2012. She shuffled residence between Beijing and Taiwan.

Within 11 years, the couple drifted apart and divorced in 2021

When the pandemic began in 2020 she stayed in Taiwan with her two children and her husband was in Beijing to attend to his business.

Wang Xiaofei and Da S shared two children

Later, separation rumors emerged in the media and they finalized their divorce in November 2021 after 11 years of marriage. 

But on March 8, 2022, Barbie's fans and Chinese netizens were in disbelief again when the news of her second marriage surfaced in the news, barely three months after her divorce!

The news was confirmed by DJ Koo on his instagram account, joyfully announcing the marriage, and shared by Barbie on her instagram account too.

We're in complete shock to be honest 😃 because why she is always prone to making hasty decision when it comes to married life?

Netizens left equally bewildered with the surprised announcement and her fans are scrambling for answers why on earth she had jumped into another marriage so easily.

An article from shared an interview with Barbie and it appeared that Hsu, 45, and Koo, 52, had married in South Korea in January this year, roughly TWO months after her divorce from Wang Xiaofei. Now, that's what we call

DJ Koo has flown to Taiwan in March 9 to register their marriage there. And will reportedly spend two months on honeymoon before returning to South Korea.

DJ Koo Jun-yup

And once again, most Chinese netizens expressed scepticism towards her fast decision to settle down for the second time. Not only that it came less than three months after her divorce, the couple has a huge disparity in earning power and popularity. 

Many of Hsu’s fans urged her to sign a prenuptial agreement, while others jokingly reminded her to download “anti-fraud software” as an extra precaution.

Barbie's ex-boyfriend

So why on earth she rushed into another marriage? Just how well she had known the South Korean rapper? DJ Koo is an ex-boyfriend, this, according to DJ Koo's confirmation. 

It appears that Barbie Hsu met DJ Koo in 1998, three years before the broadcast of Meteor Garden. They were in a relationship but broke up in 1999. She also revealed that DJ Koo had no serious relationship after they broke up.

According to DJ Koo, upon learning that Barbie had divorced her husband in November 2021, he immediately contacted her, calling on the old number he stored and surprisingly it still worked and they reconnected. He proposed afterwards and Barbie accepted 😳

So why such in a hurry to get married?

It's because of travel restrictions in Taiwan! OMG can this even be a sane reason to get hooked right away?😃✌️ Anyway, Barbie explained that DJ Koo couldn’t go to Taiwan because of the pandemic and “could only see each other if they got married”.

DJ Koo meanwhile validated the story by telling a Korean media outlet, TV Daily, that he was in such a rush to get hitched because he was unable to enter Taiwan due to pandemic-related restrictions. 

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tourists currently cannot enter Taiwan. Among the valid reasons for a special visa to be granted is if the person is a “foreign spouse of R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationals who have completed marriage procedures”.

As Jun Yup wanted to meet up with Barbie as soon as possible, he asked her if she would “become a family with him before it gets any later” and she immediately agreed. The pair has since obtained their marriage certificate in Korea.

So meaning, they haven't met yet in person since they broke up 20 years ago, and they only spoke via zoom, even in registering their marriage in South Korea lol!😂 They did it so that DJ Koo can obtain a visa and enter Taiwan to visit her. Sounds like a "marriage for convince to enter another country" thing for ordinary people in the old days.

Now that's totally insane hearing such explanation. Hopefully, Barbie is doing the right thing and in her right senses when she made that weird decision. Because the reason is really crazy 😂

DJ Koo has flown to Taiwan in March 9, and currently serving the mandatory quarantine of 10 days before seeing Barbie. It will be the first time he will meet Barbie since they broke up in 1999. 

DJ Koo has told reporters that he will stay in Taiwan for two months to get to know Barbie's children before the family relocates to South Korea.

Our best wishes to the newlyweds. May their marital union breath happiness and prosperity and will endure a lifetime of harmony. 💍🎊

Where's Wang Xiaofei?

Meanwhile, Barbie's ex-husband, Wang Xiaofei, 39, is currently rumored to be dating 26-year-old C-Drama actress, Zhang Yingying known by her English name, Gina Zhang. 

She had a supporting role in "Love is Fate" drama in 2019 starring Zhang Binbin and Zheng He Hui Zi. The dating rumors however were both denied by Zhang and Wang's mother, Chinese businesswoman, Wang Lan.

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