Then It Happens One Day

It's the 10th month of the year in the time of pandemic! So what now October? What lies ahead? Can't believe the year would be over in two months time, it's just that fast! 

However, despite of everything, it's still a great day to be alive!

So many reasons to be grateful despite this difficult time, so many reasons to celebrate the fullness of life, the wonders of the moments, the beauty of the world. 

So many reasons to be happy and be thankful that we're waking up each day without any illnesses or difficulties in breathing. And that's something worthy to be appreciated, to be cherished.

Life itself is a gift.

Sometimes happiness comes out of nowhere, in small packages, in unexpected places. Sometimes we never know what hits us, sometimes we will just be surprised with unforeseen phenomenon.

And then it happens...

One day you will wake up feeling recharge, and you will be in the right place where everything is alright. One day, you will be in a place where things are really comfortable and smooth. Your heart is at peace, calm and happy. 

Your views are positive and your vision is clear. One day, everything will just fall into the right place and you know that things happen for a reason, and you will realize why things did not work out in the past they way you wanted it.

Yes, it will just happen, in the right place at the right time with the best reason.

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