New Edition of The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy for 2020

I am wrapping up the newest edition of The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy and hopefully published it in Amazon before the end of September this year.

I have made several changes in the chapters and revised some scenes so it is totally a full-blast new edition of this book.

It's a bit exciting to make this available for purchase and I am planning to run an Ad campaign for this edition, unlike in the previous versions where I have not done anything in the marketing aspect. 

It's either I did not have any clue where to start with book promotion or I am terribly lazy. So for this edition I will use some strategies in book promotion and hopefully it will work.

A Bonus Chapter

In this edition also, I have added a bonus chapter of the fourth sequel. The scene picks in Tuscany where Bea and Edward are on a holiday.

And while in Chianti region, kicking off their extravagant Tuscan holiday, Bea is haunted by an image of a mysterious man, she believed living discreetly in a medieval castle down the hill. 

It leaves her extremely terrified. The image seems real. Is this another nightmare for Bea?

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