Eight Months of Wasted 2020 Due to Pandemic

So, it's August. 

Can't believe it's been eight months since the year 2020 arrived. It feels like I have not done anything worthy to remember for the first eight months of the year other than stuck in the house.

Life seems stopped rotating for this year. As though I am living in an environment devoured by darkness, crippled by a mysterious disease that eats people alive. Something I only saw in horror movies. 

So what had I done for the past eight months?

Nothing. Fears, anxiety, worries, uncertainties clouded the world at the start of the year, despite the fact that everyone seems euphoric and hopeful for a better year during New Year celebration.

By March, things were moving into the center of the crisis. As if zombies were about to invade the world.

I remember watching the first season of The Walking Dead. And it really brought the hell out of me. Just imagine a city emptied by people because zombies were attacking humans.

It was like a terrifying epidemic, a hopeless scenario where people were no way out to come alive. Terror and fear reigned. And everyone scrambled for survival. 

Can't believe the world will experience that real scenario. Coronavirus feels like zombies invading the world with just a slim chances of not being caught in the road. 

Just like the plot of The Walking Dead, people were advised to stay at home. But unlike in that TV series were zombies can easily be identified, the COVID-19 has no face. It is an unknown enemy, we never know where, how, and when to catch it, which makes it scarier.

So for the duration of the community quarantine in Metro Manila, I just stayed home. Self-isolating. Home quarantining. And wondering what comes next.

Can we survive the year 2020 without being caught by an unseen enemy?

Quite tricky. And scary. 

So the months of 2020 just revolved without any remarkable moments to remember other than fears and uncertainties.

Four months more to go then we are done with the year 2020. Leaving behind a world that's so generation away from our memory. Because it brought nothing but nightmare and deaths.

Just imagine. FOUR MONTHS left before the 2020 bids goodbye. How time flies so fast! It feels like only yesterday that I wrote a post about The Highlight of my 2019. 😅

As if we are just wasting the eight months of the year in terror and anxieties. Hopefully, we would never pass this way again.

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