We Might Lose Something Good. But We Will Gain Something Better

Moment in the Park

Adulting taught me so much about life. 

About how things work in a volatile environment and in a never-ending road of struggle. It's all about staying afloat in life despite adversities and difficult times.

Over the years, I struggled to find my right place in this world, stumbled on too many mishaps, did terrible decisions, done too many agonizing "stopovers".  

The downside of being independent

Since attending college, I have lived my life independently. I was 17 when I moved to the city to study at the university. Since then I lived in a boarding house.

I seldom went home to the province, traveling only during Christmas season and Holy week. Then I relocated to Metro Manila after I obtained my master's degree.

I love my life's independence. I can do what I want freely. I can go anywhere without thinking somebody might disapprove.

 I can figure out what things need to be done to search the right path for me, to live my dreams, to discover my inner strengths, to understand my weaknesses and to define my individuality. 

But it is the same freedom and independence that sometimes push me to make impulsive decisions in life, especially in my career, without thinking of the consequences.

However, I often stood with my decision and never regretted any of it. I always believe that everything happens for a reason and that each circumstance leads me to a better life I always wanted. 

The price I have to pay

I am always a risk taker and always paid a high price for the consequences of my action if things never work on my favor.

The road of life I chose is not the easiest nor the brightest. I stumbled on too many potholes, I disappointed my parents and myself, and lived through with the wounds of failures. 

But through all these mishaps, I developed a wisdom. I learned how to understand life better, and in the correct perspective. 

I recognized my worth, I was able to sort out what I really want in life. I figured out why I always suffer defeat and confusion. Perhaps because I am so passionate about life, about making things happen, about taking risk to see what life awaits on the other side of the road.

At the end of the day, things are all about myself. 

How I would  react to the inconveniences of the situation and the decision I made and how I would pick up myself and start all over again, decide the fate of my journey. 

The wisdom I developed after failures

It's all about me. It's all about how I decide on things. It's all about mindset and how I view life. When I look at myself in the mirror, I would tell myself it's okay to suffer defeat and failure. 

Failure lets me appreciate life better. It challenges me to do things better. It fuels my determination to do good next time, to learn from my mistakes and to improve things better when I make decisions.

The most important thing is, I have a hindsight for the future. I know what I want. I know where my life is focusing and where I am heading. 

I'm always fascinated with magic of the new beginnings. One day, things will get better, sun will shine the brightest and will filter through the dark alleys I traversed.

I always emerged victorious because I don't hang around with failures. I never let myself be drown with negative emotions. I always processed it before it pulls me down and hit rock-bottom. I always rise up and bathe myself with positivism.

Okay today, I failed. But tomorrow is another day. Another day to reconstruct plans and start again. In reality, we always begin anew. Everyday is a new beginning to work on our dreams.

It's okay to start anew

No matter where we are in learning, we are always beginning. It's because there are new, exciting things we gotta learn everyday. 

We should never live a sedentary life and be contented. There is a bigger life out there waiting to be experienced and explored.

I viewed defeat, sadness, failures, frustrations, distress as wisdom to learn to improve my life better and sort out things that will make me a whole person.

So I'm inviting everyone to ponder on the concept of life, on the story of new beginnings and on facing challenges and making crucial decisions in life.

It's not really super hard to understand God's message. We only need to open our heart and mind to understand His will and purpose why certain events needed to occur.

It might be hard to grasp, it might be difficult to understand, but sometimes life allow us to fail to let us see where we really need to thrive, where we should drag our steps forward. 

Failure is a gateway to a life we truly deserve. It will be difficult to undergo the process of realization, but with deep faith in God and perseverance, we will triumph.

So do not be afraid to try. 

The only way to recognize God's gift is to accept the challenge of walking in the unknown path and discover what is there. 

Just try and don't be scared. 

Life  is all about faith. It's all about courage. It's  all about optimism to walk in the right direction. And most of all, it's all about taking risks to fulfill dreams and move forward to reach the place where we should grow as a person, where God wants us to be.

We should never fear failures, of life's challenges because it will open our eyes to a myriad of awesome possibilities to live a fulfilling life and achieve our goals.

If we don't take chances, we will never know what we might be getting and gaining as we move forward in life. 

We will never know what awaits us towards the end of the road. We might end up losing everything if we are always scared to try. Just push yourself a little harder but stay in the right path.

Life is all about courage.

Indeed, when God closes doors, He opens windows. Sometimes big windows to see and appreciate life's greatest miracles and treasures.

I've witnessed it so many times in my life. And I always emerged triumphant because I am a risk taker. I am not afraid to take risks. I believe there are so many possibilities out there waiting to be explored.

I invested so much in my strength and will power because if I wouldn't do it, no one will ever do it for me.

So today I'm in my most calmest, I see God's miracles and understand His message. I am no longer afraid to face life in a limbo. No longer worry what my future would look like. I have now defined it clearly. 

I know what I want. 

Such a wonderful time to be grateful despite living in a difficult time due to the pandemic. I have so many reasons to be thankful, so many reasons to celebrate life.

Taking one day at a time

I still see goodness in the environment despite the health crisis gripping the world. I figured, I cannot change the world today, but I can change my mindset and my concept of living to survive the crisis tomorrow.

The reward of a risk taker

If doing it the right way, we are always rewarded with triumph if we are not afraid to take risks, if we are not afraid to welcome change. We must go out from our comfort zone.

Change in perspective. Change in working environment. Change in career. Yes, change, should not be feared of. It opens up to a wonderful beginning. Always.

And just when I thought life is hard and harsh, I received a tremendous blessing in the middle of the pandemic. God, indeed, bestowed precious gifts  to people who persevere, who wait patiently, who are courageous to accept challenges. Who are risk takers.

His power and will are beyond the pain of difficult times, beyond the barb wire of sadness and disappointment. It is larger than our faith. Larger than our fear. 

God is so good, He only delays things but He never forgets!

My mantra in life is always "don't be afraid to make decisions to change direction in life". Wonderful things come at the end of our comfort zone.

If we don't take risks, we'll never know what awaits us on the other side of the road. We will never know what wonders lay ahead.

It is just a matter of courage. Trust me.

The only thing that stopping us from reaching our dreams is our fear of losing the battle, our fear of facing challenges, our idea of failures and our concept of bad beginnings. 

Do. Not. Be. Afraid. 

Life is all about taking risks. It is all about facing fears. It's all about maneuvering our boat on a stormy sea to reach the safe harbor. 

We  might lose something good but we will gain something better.

It happened so many times in my life.

There are decisions that I often feared of. Career-wise, I always felt I am on the losing end. I still could not get what I wanted. 

So the pattern of resigning from my work and looking for something new has never stopped. It continued because I am insatiable because I felt I can still do better. That I deserved something better than what they've given me.

But sometimes I am scared because I am afraid to accept that I failed. 

I hate failing.

The idea of failure has frightened me to the core and I almost regretted everything. I kept blaming myself for many things, for my inept decision-making and the bad timing that came along with it. 

I began to hate the environment and the people. I stopped talking to some friends and detested everything. I was in my lowest.

But then a miracle happened.

Indeed, God has better plans for our lives. His master plan is always powerful than the human brain. And His goodness is infinite. 

Taking big steps in life entails risk. It is not just some walk in the park. It requires courage, endurance, patience, strength, strong faith and determination. And unique abilities to understand God's message and wisdom to recognize it.

My sacrifices paid off. Thank God for the gift of wisdom and patience.

These motivational words always serve as my guide, keeping me up:

1. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take and the decisions we take too long to make 
3. It's better to try and fail than never trying at all.
4. If you want change. Go for it. Take a risk. Don't play it safe, or you'll die wondering.

Many times in my life I let go of the things I thought were good. It could be a lapsed in my decision-making or I just wanted to improve my life and experiment on many possibilities.

But in most cases, I always get something better in return. 

And many times also that I got out of my comfort zone to try something new, to explore new horizon, in an effort to do my passion, follow my dreams, and search where I should fit in, and many times the chances I took always paid off.

So do not be afraid to make bold decisions, even the most scary one, it might be difficult, but prepare for the challenge. Your courage will take you further in life, it will take you to the place meant for you to live. 

For all the challenges I took in life, I  finally got the wisdom and lesson now: Wonderful things come at the end of your comfort zone. You will never know what awaits you on the  other side of the road if you won't take a chance.

In the end, we will only regret the chances we did not take and all the decisions we take too long to make, according to Lewis Caroll.

Life will always take us to the place where we meant to grow as a person, where we meant to live and thrive. The only things that keeping us away from realizing it is our fear of failing and the thoughts of inconveniences and discomfort.

But how will we know if we are doing the right thing if we do not take risks? William F. O'Brien once said: It's better to try and fail than never trying at all.

So, do not be afraid to take risks. It's just a matter of courage. Take chances in life, you never know what awaits you there. It might be the opportunity you've been praying for so long.

Remember this wisdom: If you lose something good, you will end up getting something better. Because life is generous, it will lead us to a beautiful destination.

Trust me. It's true. Been there. Done that.

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