Writing Is My Cup of Tea and Earl Grey Is My Tea

I've been writing since I was 12. There's an inexplicable sense of fulfillment and joy when I can spit things out of my head.

My love in story telling and book reading made me to nurture a passion in writing. They're always related. You can't simply write if you don't like reading. 

I felt then that in order to retain all the stories I read and heard in my memory I need to write it down. Until it became a habit.

In my last year in grade school, I began rewriting all the dramas I heard in the radio 😄And in high school, I started writing school plays. 

But I didn't have any formal school in writing because in college I took up business course.

I was also terribly shy.  I barely went out or hang out with friends. So I just stayed home during holidays and summer and write endlessly.

Until writing became my cup of tea.

Cup of tea is a term that refers to something we love doing or something we find pleasing. It's a very British term that existed since the Victorian era.

When I began writing scripts - novel, short story - and articles (I was briefly a content writer online doing commissioned works for internet marketers), I developed a habit in drinking Green Tea.

I love tea than coffee because it won't give me a feeling of irritation. And Green Tea is loaded with tons  of health benefits. A cup of hot green tea aids my momentum in writing.

I haven't tried other tea varieties like black, oolong and red because it has higher caffeine but still less than the content in coffee.

I'm aware that Queen Elizabeth II's preference in tea is always Earl Grey Tea from Twinnings which she regularly takes upon waking up in the morning.

Queen Elizabeth II is a tea drinker

Twinnings is a British tea brand and it holds a Royal Warrant from the Queen's household.

Her former personal footman, Paul Burrell, who became Princess Diana's butler in later years, revealed the Queen prefers her Earl Grey tea freshly made.

I didn't dare trying it because it's a black tea. But the other day, when I went to the supermarket, I bought one pack. 

And this morning made myself one cup. I'm loving it! The taste is so smooth, so aromatic and calming to the senses.

Earl Grey Tea is a black tea infused with oil of Bergamot, so therapeutic. The aroma of bergamot gives the tea its comforting scent. 

The taste is so balance and the oil of bergamot makes it flavorful that improves the taste of tea. No wonder the Queen of England loves it! 

History of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea was named after 19th century British Prime Minister, Charles Grey,  2nd Earl of Grey, who commissioned Twinings to create the said tea variety.

Story has it that after he visited China on an official trip, a Chinese businessman gave him a tea with an infusion of bergamot.

The Earl loved its aromatic taste that upon his return to England, he commissioned Twinnings to produce the same tea.

Twinnings company obliged and named it Earl Grey. It became popular during the Victorian era, and drinking tea became part of the royal routine which continued until the present time.

Royal Tea habit

Royals love tea. Even meal times are being referred as tea hours. In most films and TV series, a pot of tea or royals drinking tea has been the most prominent element in most episodes.

Today, in the United Kingdom, tea is a quissential Brutish tradition. Meal time is classified into two tea hours. Afternoon Tea and High Tea.

Afternoon tea is taken between 4:00 to 6:00pm with tea food such as scones, sandwiches, canapes and cakes being served with a pot of hot tea.

While High Tea happens around dinner time but just contains light meals like pasta, mashed potato or any grilled meat. 

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