Content Writing In The Time of Pandemic

So how's content creation in the time of Global Pandemic when everyone is being trapped at home and most places are on lockdown? Actually, it's mentally exhausting already, whirling around the house is so annoying. And it is already summer, the hot weather feels like hell!

We still cannot get back to work, we are still trapped at home with no aid from the government to sustain living, this is getting terrible and I am sick with the idea of prolonging this community quarantine.

The trouble with Philippine government is its unclear plan what to do with the crisis, we have the slowest response to the crisis and they just keep on extending the quarantine period without any clear resolutions what to do and how to address it.

It would not just stop the spread of the disease by just staying at home and wait for nothing. There must be something to be done by the government! For God's sake we cannot go on like this, being trapped at home with no work and salary to wait. 

It's pretty stressful to think this far. So to avoid further mental breakdown, I need to do something to perk up my day and avoid getting paranoid with the current situation. I need to blog nonstop to quell off boredom and keep my mind away from the crisis. 

I also stopped reading news, reduce my time in the social media and totally stop watching TV to spare myself from further emotional damages. So I keep myself busy in a day to stay calm. I have created a daily routine plan to sustain the long period of isolation at home.

  • Watch royal documentaries
  • Watch replay of World Olympics
  • Write blog posts
  • Research on European monarchy history
  • Create video clips for the YouTube channel of GOURMAND TRAVEL GUIDE
  • Edit writing drafts
  • Work on the revision of two books
  • Write blog posts
I have written already several featured stories in my travel blog to keep the website and its social media pages active. It also keeps my mind away from the crisis and the reality of being trapped at home. This is a very difficult time and I need to be creative and focus more on content creation to keep things going and avoid myself to succumb to mental exhaustion.

Please visit my travel blog to read some of my featured works

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