Valentine's Day 2020: How My Concept Have Changed in the New Decade

It's the first Valentine's day in the new era! So how this thing turned out today? How did you welcome the season's of love? How does it differs from the previous years?

For me. A lot. It didn't only change my views about Valentine's day, but it also changed the way I perceived singleness and individuality.

Valentine's day brought pressure to lovers, because it only happens in a day. The task of finding precious gift or treats to the partner seems like a war between creativity and budget. 

But not so much for singles.

Valentine's day, in fact, sounds like a liberation day for singles. No reason to get pressured what unique romantic gift to give and nothing to worry how much to shell for dinner. It's indeed an opportunity to recognize the worth of singlehood.

Each year, I always write a special piece about Valentine's day in my blog, nothing sentimental, just a narrative how my day went through while the world swathed in red. 

When I was still working in the university, my Valentine's day was always spent with colleagues, all girls, dinner somewhere, movies, laughter. 

We were giddy observing lovers locking stares while having dinner, or walking tucked in each other's arms, with girls always clutching bouquet of red roses, as red as Nicole Kidman's heels in Moulin Rouge. 

I remember being amused how lovers fancied each other while crossing the street as if magic engulfed the entire world that day. I would silently wonder if I could stumble also with someone across the road of life next Valentine's day. And next. And next. 

Until my waiting became like a boring game that only came alive in my writing journal. The world stood still. And as years rolled into decades, my views towards life totally changed. 

I treat Valentine's day as a passing moment, a one-day event to stare at the brilliant red roses and cute heart-shaped items displayed at the shopping malls.

Life stands still. And sun still rises on the east and rests on the west or wherever it feels to dip beneath the horizon. I should continue with my journey and look around to see the beauty of life despite adversities.

Valentine lunch alone

This Valentine's day, I treated myself to a lunch outside. Alone. Just like ordinary days where I do some food adventures for my blog. I didn't feel awkward nor silly anyway. I'm used to it. I felt nothing but gratefulness towards life.

I'm more at peace now, more self-assured, more inspired to explore the world. But I'm still giddy, like 10 years ago, when I see splendid ornaments of hearts. I'm still thrilled to pin cheeky notes for the future "the one".

Now, things are rosier than ever, I'm happier, excited to catch the thrill of life's greatest adventures. I'm still writing a sweet Valentine's post, but this time filled with wisdom and emotional maturity. And I would no longer rush home to write a piece because I can do it in my smart phone. 

Life is a gift and each day is a celebration to appreciate this blessing. Moments are chances to taste the sweetness of a well-lived existence. Make it count. Happy Valentine's day! 💞

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