Palindrome Day in the Century: What Does This Mean in Folklore?

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Today, February 02, 2020 is Palindrome day!

This is the only time that such date will occur in this century. The last time was 909 years ago, Nov.11,1111. Today's date: 02022020 is a numeric palindrome, which means, number remains the same when its digits are reversed. Palindrome day won't happen again until Dec.12, 2121. So make it count today to record history 😀.

To mark this rare phenomenon in the century, I will have to write a post about this date to remind myself in the coming years that today I have a chance to witness this event that would not happen until 101 years later, on December 12, 2121. A remarkable occurrence isn't it? We're lucky to live such phenomenon and record the day's event to keep the memory alive in the years to come.

Palindrome is a word, phrase, sentence or number series, that reads the same as backward and forward. Example: madam, racecar, mom, rotor, level. A palindromic sentence can also be written and read with allowances or adjustments to its letters, for example: "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama" , "A nut for a jar of tuna", "Was it a car or a cat I saw"?.

Other palindromes are given names such as Ava, Otto, Hannah, Eve. In numbers, palindromes are 1991, 1881, 16461. Palindrome derives from the Greek words, palin means again and back, and dromos means running. So basically, a Palindrome means running back on itself.

The famous sentence that represents palindrome is: "Able was I ere I saw Elba". When you read this backward, you'll get the same thoughts. Supposedly, this was uttered by Napoleon Bonaparte to his physician, Barry O'Meara, during his captivity in the island of Elba, a year before his final defeat in the Battle of Waterloo. However, no historical evidence could support such claim since this palindrome sentence was only recorded in 1848, 27 years after the death of Napoleon.

The longest palindromic word in the Oxford dictionary is "tattarrattat" developed by Irish novelist, James Joyce, for his book, Ulysses. It means a knock on the door.

James Joyce, an Irish novelist

February 2, 2020 Palindrome day is very rare since it works both in the United States' date format: month-day-year, and in most countries' date format of year-day-month. There would not be another one until 101 years later, then in another century, on March 3, 3030. So, today is such a very special day to remember in our lifetime.

As with any rare occurrences in our lifetime or events that might have connection to anything that's urban legend, Palindrome day is associated to a folklore of anything menacing, a bad omen or something, though no psychic or vision tellers would vouch this.

However, when analyzing the occurrences of events at the start of the new decade, it feels like everything is dragging us down. January wore us down, the month seemed pack with so many thing disastrous. From bush fire in Australia, threat of nuclear conflict between the United States and Iran, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and corona virus, feels like tragedy and disaster have been pulling us down day by day.

But Palindrome day should not be treated as a bad omen or a disaster premonition, it has nothing to do with demons and misfortunes, in fact it's a very special day to reckon with and we're very lucky to have witnessed it in our lifetime. It won't happen again until 101 years later.

I did not do anything extraordinary today though 😁 I just went to the grocery then came back home and composed this blog 😁 But a little anxious, after hearing that the Philippines recorded its first casualty of the corona virus outbreak. The case was first outside of China and the Philippines made an international headline over this news.

Today in Palindrome Day

Philippines - The Department of Health had a press conference regarding corona virus update. They announced that a Chinese national died on February 1, 2020 at San Lazaro Hospital from pneumonia. He was tested positive from corona virus and the first recorded casualty to have died from the virus outside China. His companion, a 38-year-old Chinese woman, is currently confined for the same illness. They came from Wuhan and arrived in the country via Hongkong on January 21, 2020.

Great Britain - Still in a transition period since leaving the European Union officially on January 31, 2020. Although it won't effect until 2021.

China - Wuhan City in Hubei province, the epicenter of corona virus, has been on lock down since last week. And just today, Wenzhou, another city in Hubei province, is reportedly on lock down to contain the virus. China is literally cut off from the world today when more than 24 countries issued a travel ban for its citizens, neighboring countries also closed its borders to prevent the virus from spreading. Corona virus has been declared by World Health Organization as a global health emergency after several countries, including the Philippines, have confirmed cases of the virus.

Canada, USA - Groundhog Day, a popular tradition in America derived from the Pennsylvania Dutch Superstition.

Around the world - Corona virus has been confirmed in 25 countries and territories with more than 300 reported deaths and close to 9,000 affected individuals.

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