Prince Harry and King Edward VIII: Their Mess and Misadventures

Prince Harry and King Edward VIII 
both married a commoner American divorce woman
who would shake the British establishment with controversy

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex clumsily made an announcement via their official instagram account and website that they are stepping back from their duties as senior royals, the British monarchy seems ready to blow up into crisis. It did not only send a wave of shock, confusion and dismay within the British establishment, but it was tantamount to betrayal of duty and royal custom to which the Queen is extremely devoted. 

The bombshell announcement, which was misguided and against the advise of their royal aides, rippled with fury, dismay and  acrimony and most Britons favored for the stripping of title of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Disappointing and disrespectful in the sense that Her Majesty was not consulted before they made the announcement. Even Prince Charles and Prince William were left in the dark. Prince Harry and Meghan just acted on their will to do the thing.

Although talks of "carving a different path" for the Sussexes have been on the table for the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, nothing was finalized and they were advised to wait for another meeting to come up with a decision how their wishes could be accommodated.

The royal aides were reportedly advised the couple last Monday to hold the fire and wait for the Queen and Prince Charles to lay plans for them how they would be given a new role. However, on the evening of January 8, the Sussexes posted the cryptic announcement on instagram regarding their move, sending a web of shock across the map. The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William, who knew the announcement only through television, were reportedly incensed with the move.

The dedicated royal aides, who often carry the brunt when something goes wrong with the royals, were exasperated on what they considered a stubborn action of the couple, and now scrambling to find solutions how to defend the monarchy. They lamented that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex acted like brooding spoiled brats. After all their whims were accommodated, this is what they paid for the monarchy.

One furious aide was heard saying: "The royal family had bent over backwards for them, they were given the kind of wedding they wanted, the house they wanted, the office and money they wanted, the tours they wanted with full support of the Queen and Prince Charles. And yet, they are not willing to do their part.

The palace aide, whose only responsible in life is to make the monarchy appear dignified, united and scandal-free, are facing a complicated task to control the situation that would not blow out of a proportion. The first time they faced a public relation horror since the break down of Charles and Diana's marriage.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Another King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

The terrible memory of turning back against duty that haunted the British royal family for the most part of the 20th century has returned.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made an announcement that they are stepping back as senior royal members, the embarrassing memory of the abdication crisis of 1936 came into the picture. King Edward VIII, who was the Queen's paternal uncle, gave up the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, who like Meghan Markle, an American divorced commoner who could not be accepted into the British establishment.

Edward VIII was never crowned as British monarch because within eleven months after mounting the throne, he abdicated to be with his lover. He stepped back from his duty and lived in exile for the rest of his life. This move created an eternal strain with his relationship to his family and met harsh reactions from the public. They blamed Wallis Simpson for leading the king to go astray. She was never forgiven by the royal family.

Meghan Markle, the unlikely choice

Now it seems another Wallis Simpson influenced a British prince to traverse the same road. Ever since she joined the royal court, Meghan Markle became a public relation disaster to the royal family. She gave nothing but controversy after controversy. She seemed did not understand how to behave like royalty. And could not keep up with the responsibilities expected from senior members of the royal family.

As an actress, she is accustomed to attention and display of luxury and pleasure. She cannot simply do it after she married Prince Harry. Still, she wants to do her own things, something that is not acceptable to the royal household. Royals are expected to abide with the protocol. 

Wallis Simpson and Meghan Markle. Both commoner American
And divorce when they married into the British royal family

Ms. Markle is everything the royal family dreaded, she is American, an actress and worst, a divorce. For a royal bride standard, she is far way below the mark. From any viewpoint of what royalty is all about, she could have never passed the test. But the Queen understood what it would feel like to live in the 21st century so she never opposed and gave her consent to the marriage.

However, before she could walk down the aisle, controversies began to shake the prestige of the British monarchy. Her father was involved in a scandalous staging of paparazzi news which resulted to him ousting from the wedding scene. Meghan walked to the altar accompanied by Prince Charles.. It was the first embarrassment she brought to the royal family. 

Not long after, it was reported she had misunderstanding with Kate Middleton over Princess Charlotte's dress for the wedding day. She also insisted what kind of tiara she wanted to wear on the big day until the Queen intervened.The royal family would soon realize their new recruit is a feisty, stubborn bordering arrogant commoner who is not willing to bend with the rules. Ultimately, she would cause a rift between Prince Harry and Prince William.

The Motivation 

So what motivated the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back from their royal duties? According to their lengthy instagram post, they wanted to be financially independent and generate profit from their brands, which would be impossible if they continue to be members of the royal family.

They have lunch their brand, Sussex Royal, and a website to promote their new status, their charities, the funding they wished to be generated, their causes and everything a royal should never do in public. Such a mess and disastrous move. 

In the recent months, Meghan Markle was reported to have approached some individuals that would help her launch her brand and label of fashion. And recently, it was reported that she secretly signed a voice over deal with Disney in December. Her intention to generate profit out of these labels is considered selfishness and arrogant. No member of the royal family in recent memory acted like this.

The Royal Family in Crisis

Not even during Diana and Sarah Ferguson time that the monarchy experienced such crisis. It mattered a lot to the Queen and the royal court since duty and responsibilities to the commonwealth are what the monarchy is all about.

The Queen has endured so many scandals and controversies in her time as a ruling sovereign. But never to the extent of betrayal and disrespect from her own grandson. Relinquishing duty to choose a life of luxury was never on the wall of Buckingham palace since King Edward VIII.

The Queen and Prince Philip felt betrayed with Prince Harry's decision

Even Prince Philip, the Queen's husband who is currently recuperating from illness, was absolutely devastated with what Prince Harry and Meghan did. The Duke of Edinburgh is disappointed because the Queen is upset.

The royal family is in crisis and people are sympathetic to the Queen, who at 93, did not deserve to be disrespected by any member of her family. It was reported that the Queen will host a summit at her Sandringham estate, which she and Prince Philip are currently staying since Christmas, to discuss a range of possibilities for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and whether there's a need to strip off their titles and cut back their allowances since they are no longer performing duty to the commonwealth.

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