Elujai Propolis Ampoule: A product review

I just couldn't settle in one skincare brand. Every now and then I am trying new names to find out which brand best works on my skin and which one provides the best value of money.

Recently, I switched to ampoule from serum. It's the latest craze in the beauty market today. I read a lot of reviews and, well, articles from skin experts, that ampoule is better than serum and moisturizers because it is more concentrated and easily absorbed by the skin, therefore more effective as it directly targets a specific skin problem.

The first ampoule brand I tried is Goldzan, it was effective on my skin and I saw a lot of improvement in just two weeks of use. But after I was done with the first bottle, I stopped ordering online when I have noticed some sellers sold fake items.

So I researched for great replacement and stumbled on Elujai Propolis Ampoule after my sister recommended it to me. At first I was hesitant to trust this brand because I couldn't find reviews about this product online.

I gave it a try for a couple of weeks. And after a month of continued use, I could vouch that it yielded some promising results! 

My skin peeling (because for a couple of weeks, I was using rejuvinating cream) and redness around my nose are healed. The blemishes and marks caused by breakout and pimples are also lightened and it gives me a tighter, more elastic skin than ever.

So I am settling with this skincare now, I am so impressed with the fact that it can heal sagging and dry skin and can effectively lighten dark spots and skin blemishes. It also gives skin a youthful glow and closes pores.

What I love about this product is its ingredients. Perhaps, one of the fewest skincare brands in the market today that made from plants and herbs that contain natural healing properties.

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a bee glue, a resinous mixture that honey bees produced to seal their hive and prevent parasites and bacteria from invading their territory. It has been known for ages as a natural remedy to heal wounds and skin inflammation.

This ampoule brand, aside from propolis has numerous ingredients known to effectively heal skin peeling and dryness, melasma or skin pigmentation caused by sun exposure, aging and harsh facial toner, skin blemishes caused by acne marks.

Myrrh oil
Green tea extract
Bergamot leaf extract
Peppermint extract
Shea butter
Red ginseng water

Known to treat:
Sagging and dry skin
Cracking skin
Melasma or skin discoloration
Blemishes and acne marks
Uneven skintone

How to apply:
1. Wash face with mild facial wash
2. Pat your face dry.
3. Apply facial toner
4. Pour 3 to four drops of Elujai Propolis Ampoule to your face then rub in circular motion.
5. Let it stay overnight.

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