Happy Birthday Ron! Wishing You A Day Filled With Life's Great Moments

I'll just make this short because I know you don't like to read a very long narrative. And well, I couldn't find any latest photo of you in FB, so I just grabbed this sharp-looking pic to go along with this birthday tribute. 😀

Birthday is always special. It reminds us that something in our life's journey is worth celebrating. A chance to reflect in our thoughts who we are to someone else. A great reminder that no matter how terrible the world today, there's always hope to live a better life attached to the day we were born. Hope, therefore, is a fascinating word that gives meaning to birthdays.

Respect elevates men, but not every man deserves respect. And I want you to know that you've my respect. I admire the way you speak, very gentle and polite. And the way you treat people, it is filled with kindness. That's humility. A gift of attitude that's so rarely heard among men in today's brutal society.

You're very generous with your time, allowing some extra moments in your routine to have a conversation with me. And the way you manifest  graciousness towards me is always gratifying. Somehow, you have helped me get rid of my fear and discomfort communicating with men. You are one of the fewest people I am comfortable talking with. And I'm very grateful with that.

We met people not by chance but by reason, so they say. They're either blessing or lesson in our lifetime journey. And whether the encounter is brief or lasting, it has moments to remember and lessons to live by. I'm glad I was able to get to know you in the intersection of my life. The time might be brief, but the encounter is precious. Something I would keep both as blessing and lesson. I hope you've also learned some wisdom from me. 

May today and each day of the year bring you closer to a life you've been dreaming of, a life filled with sparks of amazing things you want to share with the people closest to your heart.

May you'll be reciprocated with genuine love, trust, respect, loyalty and devotion with whoever you will choose to be with. Someone who will value you as a precious human being. Because you deserve it. You're a person of integrity, faith and honesty. You have the purest of the heart with a sense of purpose.

You've a great journey ahead. An exciting adventure. It could be a long ride, a tricky one, but you're a man of your time - determined, focus, drivingly committed to a goal  you have set, and steadfast. You will reach your desired destination according to what you've planned for.

May God pour His love and warmth on you today and everyday, grant the desires of your heart and shower you with abundance in all aspects. May you will be protected in your day-to-day travel and keep you safe.

As you mark another milestone in your life, I am wishing you a day filled with so much happiness, fun and precious moments with the people that matter to you.

Cheers to another year of making things happen, creating memories and discovering what life has to offer. We never know what awaits us towards the end of the road, but life is a journey, an exciting adventure only few have given the chance to reach the end of the trip. Just enjoy the ride and make it meaningful. It could be an exciting one. Bikers know that 😀

I wanted to bake a cake for you to mark this occasion, but I realized food ruins and won't last longer than five days, so I thought of another enduring present that reminds you of your birth element which is Earth, and the luck that goes with it.

It's a green day today in your life, a reminder that you're naturally good-natured, grounded, courteous, soft-spoken, strong but prefers to take the safer route. Hope it will help you appreciate life in the lighter sense - calm and peaceful, and let you see a great journey where you could shine the brightest.

May you'll have a memorable celebration today to cherish. Happiest birthday Ron! 🎂🎈

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