Why We Click With Some and Not with Others

Weekend get-together
Photo credit: Mikko Nichiguchi

Everyday we live in magic. In such a way that time allows us to encounter and experience beautiful moments.

Moments that define our happiness and who we are. Moments that allow us to meet people who would become our acquaintances, and who would eventually become our friends with deep connections. Others will remain casual friends with just a thin line that separates strangers from acquaintances.

Why we click with some and not with others? There's at least one general explanation from Psychology Today about this connection, it's called "the click phenomenon". It refers to a deep biologically-based reaction and recognition between people. A chemistry, which is sometimes based on body language.

We go with friends whom we can relate with, whom we share the same passion and interest. Friends whom we felt at home with. It has no specific reason why we easily click with them. Perhaps, it's instinct, an innate character of humans to feel appreciated. Nothing ground-shaking to think about, all we know is that the world is a better place to live in when we're with them.

For instance, I easily form a special connection with friends if I would feel appreciated and valued. If I would feel totally relax and comfortable. If they manifest propriety. God knows how much I hated girls who are loud, tactless and who bounced on boys like hungry Labradors.

It's an instinct, yes.

We might not instantly recognize a potential bond that may form or a close connection that may arise when we meet people but as time goes by, when relating will be slowly established and constant interaction will be sustained, we will eventually know who among our acquaintances will easily become our friends and who are those who will just stay behind the wall of our attention.

We met people not by chance but by purpose. And the purpose is either they are lessons or blessings. There are people who will cross our path to just teach us lessons but will never stay in our circle forever. But there are people who are blessings, they are folks who add value into our life and meant to stay with us in our journey.

It's good to identify early on who are those who will just teach us lessons and those who will add value into our life to make things clear in relating. Recognizing the real value of friendship always makes life worth living.

Photo credit: Mikko
Photo credit: Aira Agbayani

Personally, I often encountered moments where I have to choose between sentiments and logic when deciding where to go and who to be with. Most often than not, when happiness is at stake, I often chose sentiments, in great contrast to moments where I have to favor logic when making a life-changing decision.

In friendship, I always chose sentiments and often go with individuals whom I feel extra comfortable with, whom I could be myself without pretension. Friends who have recognized my value, and appreciated my being me.

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to bond with the people I always love to be with. I haven't seen them in a while. It's been a month since our trip in Tagaytay and some of them already moved to another work location.

So the chance of meeting them again and be with the rest of our friends was extra delightful. A pure bliss. A happy moment. So grateful with  Roel Chacon, one of our team leads (and one of my favorite TLs because he treats us fairly and his smooth approach in leadership makes things so light in the workplace that's why I am very comfortable with him being around) for inviting me to join them. And to Scarlet and Jessica for letting me know about the plan early on. So greatly honored with their kindness.

Photo credit: Nikki Bayona

I was with Mikko and Carlo and we got there quite late since we were on a different shift. By the time we arrived, my tummy was on the verge of grumbling 😅 But we'd a good lunch. Boss Chacs served us a sumptuous steak with mushroom and that was enough to satisfy my hunger pangs.

Had a great time with them. It was simply wonderful to join them having fun outside the workplace. A beautiful afternoon. A special moment to keep. Moments that I just want to hold in my palm. A feel-good thing. There was so much laughter and bantering. A great conversation I only freely experienced when I am with the people I feel at ease with.

But as with everything in this world, nothing lasts forever. At 6:00 in the evening, I felt it was time to leave. Still had so many things to do. And because at that time I was thinking of conducting a research about Osaka, Japan, the setting of the story I am currently developing. It was coincidence also that Nikki was planning to leave at 6:00 o'clock.

We left Tandang Sora past six and went to SM North Edsa. I was supposed to buy something at NBS. But when Nikki and I stepped inside the mall, the first cafe I saw was Kumori Japanese Bakery haha! 😂😂 So much Japanese stuff in my mind lately. 😆

Chilling with Nikki at Kumori

I've been thinking of dropping by at Kumori to buy its signature tart, creamy cheese tart. I've tried it last year when Jeff bought a piece for me. And it rocked my world haha! I am a sucker of creamy and cheesy food and I love all things Japanese. Kumori was exactly the perfect place to wrap up our bonding moment that day.

Cheese fudge drinks & Fuwari cheese 

For this visit, I chose Fuwari cheese cup, first because I was intrigued with its name. Second, it looks larger than the cutie cheese tart. Curious with the name Fuwari, I made a research online and found out that it means soft or light in Japanese. Okay, so Fuwari cheese tart is a soft and light creamy cheesy tart. And there was a crunchy crust layered at the base.

Matcha Cheese Fudge Php160.00
Php60.00 each minicup

Comparing it to cream cheese start, Fuwari is milder. But between the two, the cheese tart is a lot tastier and yummier. We also sampled Kumori's fudge coolers. I chose the Matcha variant while Nikki picked the Choco cheese fudge. And because these are cheese-based beverages, expect a creaminess overload on it. It tasted like frapp drinks but a lot cheesy and sweet.

It was a catching up moment with Nikki  whom I haven't seen in a month since moving to CG, so we spent the entire time talking and sharing events and candid laughter. Had so much fun indeed. We had a great conversation that night. We left SM North at 9:3PM.

It is always nice to spend time with good friends and engage on a long conversation. Things are so much lighter and satisfying. Moments become unforgettable.

Thanks to boss Roel Chacon for the invite! It was a great opportunity to see Jaja, Nikki and Angge once again. And Ms.Joanna Portales whom I haven't seen in  a while. She's one person I would love to have a long conversation with because she is such a smart woman with balanced judgment.

Hope we could have another time to bond somewhere and have fun. Until next time guys! 😊🤗💖

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