How to Combat Writer's Block

A writer's block is a condition in which the mind stops working and could no longer formulate new ideas. As a result, the writer seems confused how to pick up momentum and proceed with the story. The flow of thoughts simply stops. No ideas whatsoever emerge from the mind as though the whole universe stops rotating.

All book authors experienced a writer's block at one point in their writing career. It's a normal part of the writing life. Because a human brain is very limited and if it's regularly utilized for creating stories, it gets tired.

So what would you do if you experience a writer's block?  Is there any cure for this?  The answer is there's some way how to combat it.  And there are steps how to get rid of the writer's block.

When I was still writing The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy  I experienced writer's block on numerous occasions. And it sometimes took two to three days before I could get back to my usual creative imagination form.

Here's my tips how to get rid of the writer's block:

1. Stop and take a break. 
Chances are if you're experiencing a writer's block, there's no way you could sustain the momentum in writing, so stop and take a break. Don't force yourself to rake your brain with any ideas because it would never work. Your brain is already tired so give it a break. And stay out of writing for a couple of days to recharge.

2. Work Out. 
To condition your brain, have some physical exercise to stretch tired muscles. To have mental toughness and sharp brain, one should have physical strength to endure the long hours of writing.

3. Healthy Lifestyle.
Drink plenty of water and eat healthy meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables help a lot to get back on shape if you experience a writer's block. Healthy food provides the body with enough nutrients for the proper functioning of the brain.

4. Read books or watch movies related to the genre you're writing. 
If you're having a writer's block, chances are, you seem so lost with the ideas and nothing comes out from your mind. Condition your senses to work again by reading books or watching movies related to the genre you're writing. Not to copy someone's work but to exercise your mind with creating your own ideas. This trick excellently worked for me so this is a must try. 

5. Free your mind from worries.
If you're having trouble concentrating because you're worried you might not pay your electric bills or your special someone hasn't called. Throw all these worries. It will only clog your brain, suppressing ideas to flow out of your thoughts.

As soon as you're done energizing your body and conditioning your brain with the above suggestions, you may get back facing your computer again and get back to your story.

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