Nlighten Bubble Cleanser

When it comes to skincare, Korean products always have a unique attraction to the consumers in the beauty market.

Basically, this has nothing to do with the K-pop fever, it's just that beauty products from Korea really are effective and mostly plant-based.

When a friend introduced me to Nlighten line of skincare, which are all made from Korea, I was so fascinated instantly. I picked up bubble cleanser because it was my first time to hear something about "therapy oxygen" and how it works in the skin.

Indeed this product is so fabulous! And I have not been so satisfied with the skincare I used. This is really unique! As bubble releases on the skin, it starts to penetrate deeply, giving the skin a thoroughly cleansing activity and an instant face lift! It tightens pores and eliminates dark spots and black heads.

After a week of regular use I noticed my skin becoming so radiant and smooth. It works very fast on the skin, as though I have an instant face lift. It also evens out skin tone and erases dark spots. This product works both as a cleanser and a rejuvenating facial wash,

A plant-based, it contains Evening Primrose, Asian White Birch and Yellow Dock Root that help fight inflammation and skin irritation, making the skin so radiant and soft. And what I love most about this product is that this is paraben-free!

How to apply?

Just press a pea-sized drop to your finger tip and lather on the skin. Allow the bubble to penetrate the skin for a minute, The bubbles will work on dirt and eradicate all the impurities. Gently wipe the remaining bubbles with cotton ball. Then wash the residue with a lukewarm water.

You may use a cream or any hydrating/moisturizing lotion/cream after each application to lock  the moisture in your skin.

Level of Satisfaction - Highly satisfied! This is a highly recommended product to everyone. Especially those who are experiencing a sagging skin  in the face with blemishes and dark spots. Money guaranteed!

Price: Php 1,450.00 per bottle. But good for 3 months.

Where to buy: Contact me/send me a message so that I can refer you to my friend who is one of the direct dealers of Nlighten products in the Philippines.

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