For your Travel Bucket List

Planning to embark into a well-deserved travel adventure to Europe soon and still looking where to start? Whether you are a wanderer who love to embark into an unplanned trip abroad, a pleasure-seeking tourist who love the city life, a culture buff who like the classical architecture and cultural heritage or an adventurer who like nature tripping and a quiet walk in the country side, Europe has so much to offer. 

When we think about Europe for a leisure trip, we easily think about the popular holiday destinations we always heard - Italy, France, Britain, Greece, and we give little attention to Germany. But Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe rich in cultural heritage, ruins, ancient fortresses, historic small towns, classical architecture and breathtaking scenery of nature. I've never been to Europe of course but I love editing my travel bucket list every now and then for new destinations to consider.

And here, another amazing European destination to consider also for your next European trip. I frequently read and heard about some of the most beautiful German states that are formerly grand duchies, princely states and kingdoms because I've been a royal fanatic since my college days and been conducting research about the history of the monarchy. Germany is formerly an empire and not only that, it has been formerly divided into territories administered by Princes, Dukes, Grand Dukes and Kings, before it became a Federal Republic at the close of World War I.

Spectacular scenery of nature in BLACK FOREST

One of its most beautiful and wealthiest states is Baden-Wurttemberg. The state's major tourist draw is the Black Forest and its magnificent scenery of nature, if you want to learn more about traveling to Baden-Wurttemberg and what are the top attractions to consider, visit my TRAVEL SITE, check link below:

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