I Love MAKI!

When it comes to food, I am not choosy, I eat everything what's being offered, However, just like the rest of the people in the world, I do have favorites. One of these is MAKI. Oh I am insatiable when Maki is in the table, I could not just be contented with a single bite, I am looking for more!

(Left) A different version of California Maki
 (Right) Tekka Maki at Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Maki Invasion at Sushi Dito Davao ^___^

One time I spent lunch at City Buffet in SM Fairview with former University colleagues who came to Manila for their seminar, I saw almost every variety of Maki there and I did not pick anything except Maki! 

(Left) California Maki at Rai Rai Ken. (Right) Kani Maki at Sushi Dito Davao

There's something in this Japanese food that I really find satisfying, maybe because I love rice and my day is incomplete without consuming rice, and Maki is made of rice, so it makes sense hehe!

Original Japanese Maki at Pearl Farm Davao
California Maki at Tokyo Tokyo - Tagaytay

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