Sometimes During the Day...

I am dreaming a peaceful life...

I was born and raised in the province of Surigao del sur, where houses are nestled between mountain and sea, life back then was extremely peaceful and quiet and I had all the luxury to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of nature, marveling at the imposing mountains, wandering around streams and valleys with friends, chasing butterflies in the backyard, climbing fruit trees, picking wild berries, breathing fresh, clean air and just laugh and play and eat.

Weekends were either spent at the sea side, running after the splashing of the waves and collecting sea shells or at the river side, sitting and watching anything that could amuse my innocent mind. Summertime was always spent in the farm. Oh! Those were the best years of my life.

I attended college in Davao and took a permanent residence there when I started working, Davao is cool and such a lovely city, the environment is peaceful, everything is accessible and there’s no rush hour. I would spend my morning weekend at the People’s Park joining folks at the free aerobics session and would return home feeling refreshed. 

Sundays were spent in the church. I just lived in a boarding house just located at the back of the university where I worked, so there’s no hours wasted in traveling. The location is closer to downtown, to the church, shopping mall and wet market so I have plenty of time to spend at the kitchen cooking my favorite meals.

But life has to move on because real strength could not be revealed unless we’re confronted with challenges and risks. Months after I obtained my masteral degree I decided to go out from my comfort zone to see the other side of life and find balance and explore other opportunities and see where my courage would take me, chances are, if I would let time slips without even trying I might spend my life in regrets and what ifs.

Energy in the big metropolis like metro manila is quite intimidating, people are always in a hurry and everywhere I go, the public seems in a great panic, scrambling their way to catch a ride, oh God why the rush? Can we just walk slowly and enjoy the moment? 

Everyday it feels like I am in a battlefield of whatever fight is present in the morbid environment, absorbing dust, chasing with time, squeezing in mrt, squirming in the thick crowd to get my way out of the station. The sight of people swarming to the mrt station or running after the bus, gave me an instant headache. The moment I arrive at the workplace I am totally wasted and my energy started to sink and my eyes droopy, omg!! This is not the kind of life I dreamed.

But since I really wanted to discover things and look for other ways to enjoy my freedom and meet other people, I decided to come to the metro and now enduring the discomfort here, but I've no regrets, because I learned so many things and encountered so many interesting people.

Such a lovely country home style! I love this design, so cool and simple 
surrounded with trees and beautiful landscape, 
Lord, I hope someday I have a home like this haha!
Beautiful garden!

I'll just have to find ways to make my life worthwhile and to avoid being consumed with stress. Every weekend, I am contemplating to escape to the countryside and feel the stillness of the mother earth, breathe and just sit under the cool trees and relax!

Kitchen facing the garden
Dining area with big French windows surrounded by trees
Bedroom veranda facing lush plants

Sometimes during the day, I often dreamed of having my own small country house with lots of French windows surrounded with a beautiful garden, tropical plants, trees, flowers, organic vegetable farm and a small fruit orchard. My favorite area in the house is kitchen because I love to cook and experiment recipes, so I want a beautiful kitchen and dining area facing a small garden.

Okay, dream dream dream! ^___^

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