Reunion with the Engineering Faculty

Heartwarming weekend!

Finally, after less than a year of leaving my job in the university, I was able to see the people I utterly missed, the engineering dean and faculty. I missed them so much! No words could exactly describe the emotions I felt when we met again last Sunday.

They were here last weekend for their annual retreat and we agreed to meet at Mall of Asia before their flight back home. It was so terrific! Seeing them again made me to go back to the relaxing, beautiful days working in the university. So sad that the meeting was only less than two hours as they were rushing to the airport.

Sweet, heartwarming moments with the people I extremely missed, 
the engineering faculty of the University of the Immaculate Conception
in Davao City. With Maam Amy, Maam Sheila, Maam Emma and Neil!
With my former boss, the engineering dean, Engr. Emma Fuentes, missing her a lot!!!

I miss my former boss, Engr. Emma Fuentes, she's so down-to-earth and ultra-generous, we're extra close back then, seeing her again reliving the wonderful times we shared in the office where sometimes we would spend the whole morning in conversation, talking and sharing secrets and all those anxieties in life. I could confide my innermost feelings without apprehension without hesitations. 

When I was still in the university I used to spend lots of time
with these three fantastic engineering faculty, Roxanne, Sheila and Juvie,
 laughing and sharing stories. Our voices and laughter sometimes 
would tear the silence of the corridor
Oh I missed those times :-(

I wanted to cry upon seeing everyone of them but I had to hold my emotion. No matter where I am, they are still the people I would prefer to spend my whole day talking and laughing, they're terrific nothing compares! I truly missed them a lot!

My life back in the university was so fantastically awesome, very comfortable and relaxed. We'd a great working relationship, everything was so easy and care-free then. But yeah, some good things never last.

I am crossing my fingers to see them some other time.

To Engr. Emma Fuentes: I missed you so much maam Ems, our conversation, our sharing, our laughter, everything!!!Thanks a lot for the cute shirt you gave me, wheew love it!!!Ah lab you so much!!!

To the rest of the engineering faculty: Dr. Amy Gravino, Engr. Noel Laud, Engr. Raymundo Moso, Engr. Julius CastaƱares, Engr. Neil Capricho, Engr. Juvie Relacion, Engr. Roxanne Ozoa, Engr. Sheila Quinamot, a big thanks!!! I missed you a lot!!!

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