Reunion with Former Colleagues!

Oh yeah! So happy to be finally reunited with them after almost a year of leaving my former job.

Back then my life in the university (my former employer) was so clutter-free and visibly fine. I had lots of warm memories, beautiful thoughts of friendship and wonderful bonding time. But it came to a point where I had to make decisions and gave up the comfort and convenience of an easy life in Davao and seized opportunities in Manila. It was a hard decision but I got on with it.

I’ve been longing to work in a multinational company to experience the real life in the business industry and to see what’s beyond the border of theories I read in business books. Chances are, if I would let the opportunity pass without even trying, I might spend the rest of my life in regrets and “what ifs". My effort paid off and I was able to fulfill this "longing" eventually. Though I've no long term plans to stay in the industry as I really wanted to spend the rest of my life in writing, research and traveling, I felt so very blessed to be such opportunity.

Okay, so less than a year on…here I am, absorbing dust haha! Joke... absorbing the energy of the metropolis, the rigid lifestyle and adopting the fast-paced life. But I am happy and very fulfilled.\
Though I am very vocal of my happiness and satisfaction living in the metropolis and working in a highly reputable multinational company, I cannot deny the fact that I still miss my former colleagues in the University. They are still the people I longed to be with and to share a laugh and talk with. So seeing them two weeks ago brought so much excitement. Felt so delighted to get reunited with them.

Last May 5, After their annual retreat in Tagaytay, I finally got a chance to see some of them in a dinner sponsored by another former colleague, Rowie Tagaan. Sweet memories gushed in and a different surge of excitement overflowed as they shared updates and other interesting stories about the workplace. 

 Dinner with former colleagues at Mr. Choi Restuarant

That was awesome! We only spent few hours as it was getting late at night but the short moment was enough to reminisce my happy days in the university.

On the following day, May 6, Maimai (Anna May Canoy) and Jun Amper, visited McKinley Hill, we had another bonding moment for few minutes, had another round of good conversation and fun. I wanted to spend more hours with them but my time was very limited since I wasn’t able to secure a vacation leave due to urgent tasks in the project.

I missed those moments of laughter! Maimai was one of my closest colleagues back then because we worked in the same campus and we've the same line of job. Jun was my contemporary joining the university and he was one of the people I mostly trusted in the school back then, I admired his unique dedication to his job.
Chillin with Maimai and Jun at Tokyo Cafe, Venice Piazza

But time was so short for us to have an extended bonding. I am very thankful to Maimai and Jun for taking enough time to come to McKinley Hill. It was a terrific day for me having seen them around. Thanks Maimai and Jun and the rest of the guys: Federick, John, Neil John, Norman and Danny. Hope to see you guys some other time.

May 16 was another great day!

So delighted to meet two of the engineering faculty members I missed, Engr. Neil Capricho and Engr. Aylmer Sombilla. When I was still working in the university, I directly served the engineering program so I was extra close to the engineering faculty.

I was on a PTO on that day so I was able to spend almost three hours with them over food and lots of conversation, real, care-free chat that really made me so excited throughout the day.

With the Engineering faculty: Engr. Aylmer Sombilla and Engr. Neil Capricho

I missed them so much, I missed the fun, the moments where I have to go to the faculty room and sit for a while and having fun talking to the faculty and laughed on top of my lungs. Seeing Neil and Sir Aylmer again brought so many wonderful memories with the engineering program. I wished to spend more time with them but they were rushing to the airport for their flight back home.

I am crossing my fingers to see them some other time!

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