Too Noisy

The environment becomes too noisy and loud nowadays. So I remain secluded in my sacred journaling space, writing what's on my mind and editing my royal books. My "sanctuary" is more quiet, more peaceful and fulfilling.

It's been a while since writing about what happened in my day or my weekend or what things I've gotten into at the moment. I just don't feel simplifying the details of my life anymore, it's a bit too much hehe! 

Sometimes, a little silence about personal life is necessary to experience stillness. After all the noises in the environment, the never-ending political and economic issues, government officials squabbles, criminal and corruption cases, intrigues, controversies and all sorts of scandals, I felt the need of shutting my mouth from sharing something personal to give myself a break. 

I also stop posting updates in my personal account in Facebook because I don't feel the need to. Facebook's newsfeed already flooded with tons of personal issues so I don't want to add one. I detested other members' too obsessive behavior with Facebook.

I cringe every time I read people's too revealing details about their personal life as if the world will break into pieces if they cannot post something about what they do at the moment, what they feel towards someone, what they eat at dinner, who they hate, what troubles they encountered, who they want to send to the moon, etcetera. Can they just keep it with themselves and just share something very newsworthy?

And here's more. Every time there's a certain piece of controversy that hug headlines, people seemed can't stop themselves but to take a little share of "troubles", they are unstoppable updating the world with their analysis towards the issues that made the whole thing more noisy and a little weird.

Hmmm...maybe it's a person's innate characteristic to really blab without limitations but for heaven's sake can we just keep private matters private and just moderate the level of our sharing to retain some degree of mystery in our existence? Would that be more exciting?

Oh God! For once, I want a little privacy and serenity, away from the crowded world of social media. So I decided not to post anything personal in my FB personal account to keep a little mystery of myself hehehe!

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